Not only Ashish Vidyarthi, these 5 stars also got married in ‘old age’, some became groom at the age of 70, some became bride in 60

Bollywood Celebrities Who Married After Age Of 50: ‘Whatever the age may be, but the heart is a child…’ It is said, a person goes mad in love, then he does not see anything, whether it is the distance of age or family . You must also be thinking that this happens only in movies, where people get married at the age of becoming grandparents, but there is a twist in this story. Today we are going to tell you about some such celebrity couples, who have settled down after the age of 50, regardless of family and society. So let’s know who are those celebs…


Often you must have heard from grandmothers in the house that getting married at the right time is good for a successful life. But in today’s era it is very difficult to say what is the right age for marriage. Sometimes studies, sometimes job and sometimes career remains an obstacle between people for marriage. Ashish Vidyarthi, who was recently seen in Bollywood and South films, settled down again at the age of 60. Ashish Vidyarti’s marriage made headlines, but this is not the first time that an actor got married after the age of 50. Even before this, Bollywood celebs have got married in old age. Some became a groom at the age of 70 and some a bride at 60. Today we will tell you who are those celebs who surprised everyone by getting married after 50.


Let’s start with Ashish Vidyarthi only. Veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi, who left a deep impression on the hearts of people with his villainous character in many South and Bollywood films, has secretly married for the second time at the age of 60. He has settled down with Rupali Baruah, a resident of Assam. Court marriage was done on 25 May in the presence of close people. Before Rupali, Ashish was married to actress Rajoshi Vidyarthi. But the couple’s marriage did not last long and both of them got divorced. After being together for years, the couple got divorced. Rajoshi is an actress, singer as well as a theater artist. file photo


Actor Milind Soman’s name is also in this list. Fitness freak Milind Soman made Ankita Konwar, 26 years younger than him, his bride at the age of 52. The marriage of both also remained in the headlines. The pictures of both are very popular on social media. file photo


Not only actors, the names of actresses are also included in this list. Who does not know Neena Gupta, who made a comeback in films with ‘Badhaai Ho’. Nina’s life was full of ups and downs. While living in a live-in relationship, she also had a daughter, then raised her daughter alone and faced difficulties. But at the age of 54, he made Vivek Mehra a partner and settled down with him. file photo


Suhasini Mulay is known for her excellent performance. Millions of people are crazy about Suhasini’s acting even today. Suhasini Mulay had decided to become a bride at the age of 60. The actress married her Facebook friend. Suhasini disclosed her marriage after four years.


Film director Hansal Mehta surprised everyone by marrying Saifeena Hussain at the age of 54. Both of them decided to get married after being in a relationship for 17 years. Both had married on May 25 last year. The marriage of both has recently completed one year. file photo


It would be unfair if Kabir Bedi’s name is not included in this list. After three unsuccessful marriages, just a day before his 70th birthday, Kabir Bedi surprised everyone by getting married for the fourth time. Kabir Bedi’s fourth wife is Parveen Dosanjh, who is about 3-4 years younger than his daughter Pooja Bedi. There is a gap of 30 years in the age of Kabir and Parveen. Both did not care about the society and kept their relationship in front of the world without fear.

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