Pankaj Kapoor got angry on calling ‘Bheed’ as Anti India, breaking his silence said – ‘We are so impatient that…’

Mumbai: Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor is playing an important role in the film ‘Bheed’. At the time of lockdown, an attempt has been made to show the problems of the migrant laborers in the film. The teaser of Anubhav Sinha’s film has been released recently. While many social media users praised the teaser, many termed it as anti-India. Pankaj expressed disappointment on giving such a tag to ‘Bheed’ and said that watch the film before making any kind of opinion.

In an interview to Indian Express, Pankaj Kapur said, ‘You should realize that what is in the society, will be seen in the film as well. Even before a drop of rain, people announce monsoon. We are so impatient that instead of being patient or reflecting on it, we jump the gun.

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One has to watch the film to understand the narrative of ‘Bheed’
Pankaj Kapur further said that ‘You can give opinion but first watch the film. You have to watch the film to understand the narrative. It is funny that you saw a teaser and started saying that it is a political film. It is an analytical film which talks about the mindset of our society, how we think, how we look in certain situations. Anubhav took an example and built a story around it. The film is not saying good, bad or ugly, but it shows how the mind works.

The pain of migrant laborers ‘crowding’
Pankaj Kapur said, ‘When you see the film, you will realize that it has been presented differently. Experience has used it as an idea that existed. After watching the film, you will realize that in the end all humans are the same. Anubhal Sinha has tried to show in the film the pain of workers returning to their home states in chaos during the lockdown during the Corona period.

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