Pawan Singh said- ‘Now is the time to enjoy youth, from now on, Bibi-Bachha’, actress broken by actor’s infidelity!

Bhojpuri cinema’s power star Pawan is living separately from his wife Jyoti Singh in his personal life. Last year, he had also filed an application for divorce from Jyoti in the Ara court, on which the matter is still pending. His wife, who is happy from outside and completely broken from inside, keeps telling about her loneliness every day. On the other hand, Pawan Singh is busy with his projects and his romance continues with new heroines on the pretext of work. Meanwhile, the official trailer of his upcoming Bhojpuri film ‘Bewafa Sanam’ has been released on Worldwide Records Bhojpuri.

The way he is speaking the dialogue in the trailer, it fits his real life as well. Since he is said to have affairs with not one but actresses, of whom Akshara Singh is also one. At the same time, he has also married 2 times and he does not live with the second wife as well. In the new film, actress Smriti Sinha is seen opposite Pawan Singh, who is playing the role of his wife in the film. This film is being presented by Jio Studio and it can be seen absolutely free on Jio Studio from 24th May. The trailer of the film has gone viral on YouTube as Pawan Singh is in the role of a vagabond hero. When the actress becomes serious with him and does family planning ahead, he cheats her. They say that now are the days to enjoy youth.. From now on wife-child’s mess and then they go abroad with friends. At the same time, the condition of the wife becomes bad by crying.
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Talking about the trailer, it is full of romance and emotion drama. Pawan’s name in the film is Prem to Smriti Ka Sandhya. The film has been shot in London, where Pawan Singh lives his lavish life while Smriti is shown in India. The director’s vision is clearly visible in the trailer and along with the beauty of London, the Indian tradition has also been shown very well. In this, the audience will get to see the romantic and soft corner of Pawan Singh, while the audience is getting to see Smriti Sinha in a beautiful style. In a word, Bewafa Sanam trailer is very alive and full of emotional drama. Produced by Yashi Films, Bewafa Sanam is produced by Abhay Sinha and Jyoti Deshpande. It is directed by Rajneesh Mishra.

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