Rajinikanth-Naseer refused because of Rajkumar, the film became a blockbuster of 1993, the collection was 12 crores

Mumbai. ‘We will give you that death, which would neither have been written in any law book nor thought of by any criminal’, ‘Our principle is first kick, then talk, then meeting’. By reading this dialogue, you must have understood that what kind of film we are talking about. A new record of success was made with this film which came in 1993 and Raj Kumar was seen in an important role in this film. But you will be surprised to know that because of Raj Kumar, two big actors had refused to be a part of this film. Let us tell.


Raj Kumar is called the arrogant actor of Bollywood. Due to his nature, fellow artists often used to get angry with him. In the year 1993, Raj Kumar was seen in Mehul Kumar’s film ‘Tiranga’. Nana Patekar was in an important role with him in this film.


Mehul Kumar brought the film ‘Tiranga’ on 29 January 1993. Raj Kumar and Nana Patekar were in important roles in the film. The film proved to be the blockbuster of that year and collected more than 12 crores.


Nana Patekar played the role of ‘Shivaji Rao Waghle’ in the film. Mehul had first talked to Rajinikanth for this role because in reality his name was Shivaji. Along with this, he was also suiting up in the character. Rajinikanth also liked the script but he had heard a lot about Raj Kumar, so he did not agree. (twitter@behindwoods)


After Rajinikanth, Mehul approached Naseeruddin Shah. He also liked the character of the film, but Naseer also did not want to work with Raj Kumar. In such a situation, he could not be a part of the film. (twitter@anupjalota)


At last Mehul persuaded Nana Patekar. But Nana had put a condition at the very beginning of the film that if Raj Kumar said something wrong on the sets, he would leave the film midway. On this, Mehul had assured her that nothing like this would happen on the set. (twitter@pic_bollywood)

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