Sambha of ‘Sholay’ was very romantic in real life, interesting love story, married an Ayurvedic doctor like this

Mumbai. Mac Mohan became immortal by playing the character of Sambha in ‘Sholay’. In films, he was often seen in negative roles of goons, gangsters and misbehaving with women. But Mac Mohan was a very gentleman and happy person in real life. He had a love marriage. Seeing his character in films, no one will believe that someone can love him or he will love someone. But this has happened in his real life. Mac Mohan fell in love with an Ayurvedic doctor and both of them got married. Here we are going to tell you about Mac Mohan’s love story.

Mac Mohan married wife Mini in the year 1986. Mac and Mini’s first meeting took place in a hospital. As Mac looked on the screen, his personality was completely different in real life. He spoke and wrote English very well. Once when Mac Mohan’s father’s health was very bad, he got his father admitted to Juhu’s Arogya Nidhi Hospital (Ayurvedic).

Mac Mohan and Mini’s first meeting took place here. Mini was greatly influenced by the personality of Mac Mohan, who played negative characters in films. After this, the process of conversation started between the two. Both started dating each other and in the year 1986, both got married.

After marriage, Mac Mohan and Mini had two daughters – Manjari Makjani and Vinati Makjani. They have a son Vikrant Makjani. According to an interview given to writer Nilesh A Raje, Mac Mohan was fond of reading. He had the habit of reading complete newspapers along with books. He loved reading Reader’s Digest magazine.

Apart from Hindi films, Mac Mohan worked in Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and Sindhi films. He acted in films of all languages ​​except Oriya. He also worked in English, Russian and Spanish films.

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