‘Shabbo’ did not want to become ‘Veer Zara’ actress, was afraid of the tag of ‘supporting artist’, then said yes for 1 reason

New Delhi, Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta’s iconic romantic film ‘Veer-Zaara’ is one of the best and memorable films of Bollywood till date. Not only Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta were seen in the lead roles in this film, but all the actors had left a different impression on the hearts of the audience with their brilliant performances. Every character of this film is still well remembered by the audience. One such supporting role in ‘Veer Zara’ was of Zara’s friend ‘Shabbo’. If you have seen the film, then you would know that ‘Shabbo’ had a big hand in getting ‘Veer-Zara’ together.

This memorable character of ‘Shabbo’ was played by the great actress Divya Dutta. Divya Dutta, with her brilliant acting, brought this character alive on the big screen in such a way that it became impossible for the audience to forget it. Today it is difficult to imagine any other actress in the character of ‘Shabbo’, but do you know that Divya Dutta was hesitant to play this character.

When Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra had offered the character of ‘Shabbo’ to the actress, she had initially decided that she would not do the role. Actually, those days the actress was new in the industry and she was often seen in side roles only. Because of this, the image of her supporting actress was created. Divya Dutta had told during her interview that in those days she used to get irritated by being called ‘supporting actress’.

Did you do it because of fear?
This actress wanted to avoid the tag of ‘supporting actress’, due to which she decided not to do the role. But when the actress discussed the role of ‘Shabbo’ with her mother and told her that she did not want to do the role, her mother explained and persuaded her to do the role.

There is no god father
Actually, Divya Dutta’s mother had told her that she has no godfather in the industry, nor will she ever be able to produce a film for the actress. Because of this, he should do whatever role he is getting and play those characters on screen so well that the filmmakers write the character keeping him in mind.

Mother’s 1 advice changed the decision-
Divya Dutta believes that this advice of her mother changed her perspective and she then immediately said yes to the role. When this film was released in the year 2004, the character of the actress attracted a lot of attention and she also got many films.

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