Shahrukh himself left DON 3! Raj franchise is the biggest reason, what is Farhan Akhtar’s game plan?

Mumbai: After a long wait, producer Ritesh Sidhwani recently confirmed that the work on the next film in Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller Don franchise has begun. While producer and director Farhan Akhtar has started working on the script of the film. But, now a shocking news has come about Don 3 and Shah Rukh Khan. There is a buzz that Shah Rukh will not be a part of Don 3. Yes, in the next film of the Don franchise, not Shah Rukh Khan but another actor is going to be seen and King Khan’s fans are not at all happy with this news.

So who will be the one who will replace Shah Rukh Khan in Don 3? Now the names of those two actors have also come to the fore, one of whom can replace Shahrukh Khan in Don 3. In the initial reports, two names are coming forward for Don 3, which are Ranveer Singh and Hrithik Roshan. According to a media report, the makers of Don have also finalized the actor for the third part of the film. It is being claimed that Mastani’s Bajirao i.e. Ranveer Singh can be seen as Don in Don 3.

It is being said in some reports that Shah Rukh Khan himself has called this film Tata-bye-bye. Because, he does not want to take any kind of risk in his second innings. He was not happy with the changes and concept in the film, so he distanced himself from the Don franchise. There were some reports in between that both Shahrukh and Amitabh were going to be seen together in Don 3, which was about to launch a new Don in front of the public, after which the Don series would be rebooted. But, now Shahrukh Khan is not able to connect with this idea and he thinks that when Don is his franchise, he does not want to field a new player. However, till now there is no official seal on this news.

Very rarely it happens that when a remake of a classic film comes and new actors and new faces can be adopted by the audience in the same character. But, when Shah Rukh Khan appeared in the remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s Don, the audience in the theater were left open-mouthed. Made in a budget of 70 crores, the film starring Shah Rukh Khan had earned 270 crores worldwide. At the same time, in Don 2, the audience was promised that Don would definitely come back. But, now after Shah Rukh’s separation from the film, whether the audience can adopt the new don or not, it will also be a matter to be seen.

After the success of ‘Pathan’, Shah Rukh Khan will now be seen in a cameo in Tiger 3, then Jawan, then Danki and after that King Khan will be seen in Tiger Vs Pathan. Shahrukh only wants to give immense entertainment to the audience in his second inning. This is the reason why he has distanced himself from the Don 3 project with Farhan in the Don franchise. But, seeing the reactions coming on social media, one thing is clear that Don 3 is incomplete without Shahrukh for the audience.

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