Sonu Sood had rejected ‘Dabangg’! Ego clash happened with Salman Khan? Then how did ‘Chhedi Singh’ become

Sonu Sood’s character of ‘Chhedi Singh’ in Salman Khan starrer film ‘Dabangg’ was well liked by the audience. But do you know that the ‘people’s messiah’ i.e. Sonu Sood himself refused for this film. Can’t believe it, but it’s true. He himself has disclosed this thing. However, Sonu appeared in the avatar of ‘Chhedi Singh’. But, when some changes were made in the role of Villain, then the actor agreed to do it.

Why did Sonu Sood say no to ‘Dabangg’ earlier? He had an ego clash with Salman Khan? After which change did he do this film? Sonu Sood gave answers to many such questions. He spoke openly and told that he first refused the film because and after which change he agreed to do the film.

Ego clash with Salman on the set?
In Smita Prakash’s podcast, Sonu Sood talked about the rejection of the superhit film ‘Dabangg’. Smita asked Sonu that did you know that you are going to share the screen with Salman. The entire focus of the film is also going to be on him, so did you and Salman have an ego clash on the sets? Sonu said, ‘One of my criteria was that it is okay that you have 21 roles in the film, but I also have 19 roles in the same film, which I am going to do’.

Changed ‘Chhedi Singh’
The actor told that I wrote many scenes and I also changed the character. When the script came to me, the character was very angry, I will tear you apart, I will take my life, this was the type of character. Then I converted him into a little comedy character. Gave a little revenge to Chedi Singh. I said keep a photographer together in the film, have a Bhaiya ji smile type character, changed the way of talking a bit and in this way I made a lot of changes in the character. But Salman had a character of his own. Why would there be any ego clash between me and him? The film was shot well and our friendship also deepened.

not interested in politics
During the conversation, Sonu was asked that his image has changed due to his charitable act. Does he want to try his luck in politics? Answering this question, he said, ‘I have been offered many political roles on the big screen as well, but I am neither interested in doing them nor joining any party. I want to make my own rules.

Rejected offer from Rajya Sabha to Deputy Chief Minister
Sonu Sood told that he has been offered Rajya Sabha twice. I didn’t accept. Biggest posts have also been offered. The post of Deputy Chief Minister has also been offered. Many things have been offered, but I don’t seem to be interested in it.

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