Sumeet Sehgal’s career ruined because of this! People started saying Govinda is cheap, the lead hero kept on becoming an actor

Mumbai. It often happens in Bollywood, one actor’s career goes uphill, while another’s ends because of him. You will get to see many such examples. Here we are going to tell you about one such actor, whose career was ruined because of a big actor. By looking at the picture, you must have understood whom we are talking about. Many people recognize Govinda, but people of today’s generation hardly know about this hero. The name of this hero is Sumit Sehgal.

Sumeet Sehgal made his debut in the year 1987 with the film Insaniyat Ke Dushman and appeared in a supporting role. It was a multistarrer film. Sumit did supporting roles in many multistarrer films. But by the time he could establish himself as a lead role, his career came to an end. Actually, when Sumeet made his debut in the industry, his look and hairstyle were being compared to Govinda.

However, Sumit Sehgal’s height was more than Govinda. In the year 1988, a multi-starrer film came, named ‘Tamacha’. It was also a multistarrer film. There were big actors like Jeetendra, Rajinikanth, Amrita Singh, Bhanupriya and Kimi Katkar in the film. Sumeet Sehgal was also in the supporting lead role in this film. But do you know that this role was earlier offered to Govinda.

The makers wanted to take Govinda for ‘Tamacha’, but Govinda was very busy at that time due to which he rejected the film. The makers then approached Sumeet Sehgal as his look and hairstyle were similar to Govinda’s. After this film, the talk spread in the industry that if Govinda does not have time, then you can hire Sumeet.

Sumeet Sehgal was tagged as a cheap Govinda. After this Sumeet Sehgal did many multistarrer films, which started becoming hits. He was about to become a single lead hero when Govinda became such a big star that he left behind big stars like Sumit Sehgal, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

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