Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber accused of cheating, Kerala High Court judge said- Against the actress…

Mumbai. The cheating case against Sunny Leone is going on in the Kerala High Court for the last 3 years. The case is going on against two other people along with Sunny. In this case, a judge of the Kerala High Court said on Thursday that it seems that no criminal case is made out against Sunny. The judge also said that the actress was unnecessarily harassed. Now the matter will be heard on March 31. A case was filed against Sunny Leone by M Shias, a resident of Perumbavoor, Kochi.

Petitioner M Shias had alleged that Sunny Leone, her husband Daniel Weber and her manager Sunil Rajni cheated him and did not comply with the contract for an event. Sunny Leone also filed a petition and told the court that her manager had taken 30 lakhs and gave M Shias the dates fixed by him but the organizers of the event changed the dates several times.

Sunny Leone further said that this program was prepared during her vacation in Kerala in February 2019. But petitioner M Shias said that despite taking advance payment, Sunny had failed to reach the event. The petitioner further stated that the dates and timings of the show were changed several times due to various reasons including floods in Kerala.

Yachikarathna said that the event was originally scheduled to be held in Kozhikode and later the location was decided to Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram and finally Chennai. Sunny Leone, her husband and their manager have been accused of violating sections 406, 420 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

During questioning, Sunny Leone said that she was ready to attend the event or refund the money but due to the wavering attitude of the organisers, the process or decision was delayed. Sunny has also withdrawn her anticipatory bail filed in the Kerala High Court.

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