The name of Amitabh Bachchan’s actress was associated with Mehmood, remained unknown for years from her husband’s first marriage, could not become a mother

New Delhi. Aruna Irani is the name of Hindi cinema who has played all kinds of characters on screen. She has played the role of a simple housewife to a glamorous dancer. Despite having all the qualities of a lead actress, this actress could not establish herself as a heroine. Aruna Irani has done character roles in most of the films. Today, from the small screen to the big screen, Aruna Irani has spread her acting skills. This actress had entered the world of films at the age of just 9. The credit goes to Dilip Kumar for introducing Aruna Irani to films. It was Dilip Kumar who first cast the actress as a child artist in his film ‘Ganga Jamuna’.

As much as the career of Hindi cinema’s famous actress Aruna Irani was full of ups and downs, her personal life was equally full of difficulties. Aruna’s name has been associated with twice married actor and director. This actress and yesteryear veteran actor Mehmood were very close to each other. These two may have been very good friends, but their relationship caught a lot of headlines in the corridors of Bollywood.

There was a rumor of marriage with Mehmood-
Even the news had spread in B-town that Aruna and Mehmood had secretly married. The rumor of this couple’s marriage spread so much that the career of the actress had to bear the brunt of it. He was not cast in any film for two years. Due to lack of work, he had to sit vacant for two whole years. Actually, in those days most producers and directors avoided casting married actresses in films.

Married director made partner-
However, later the actress told this news as a rumor and then slowly her career started coming back on track. After Mehmood, famous director Kuku Kohli entered the life of the actress. Aruna Irani and Kuku Kohli dated each other for many years. The couple tied the knot in 1990 after being in a live-in relationship.

She was unaware of her husband’s first marriage.
The actress had revealed in one of her interviews that while dating Kuku Kohli, she did not know anything about his first marriage. Aruna Irani came to know about the director’s first wife and their children only after marriage. Kuku Kohli and Aruna Irani do not have any children of their own due to having children from their first marriage. This actress still feels sad for not being able to become a mother.

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