These 5 films stole the show at the Cannes Festival, not even a single Hindi movie could make it to the place! The story of the third film will shake your mind

Mumbai. A big festival of the film world is going on these days in Cannes city of France. This Cannes Festival, which started on May 16, will continue till May 27. Stars from all over the world have come to participate in this festival. Bollywood stars have also participated in this festival.

From Sara Ali Khan to Sapna Chowdhary, there was a lot of dominance in Bollywood. But in the midst of all this noise, the name of those films got buried due to which this festival was organized. We tell you 5 well-appreciated films at Cannes that stole the show.

1-Anatomy Of A Fall: French director Justine Triet’s film Anatomy of a Fall has been well received at this festival. The story of the film is of a woman who insists on revealing the secret of her husband’s murder. After this, behind the clues in the mountains, many days and nights get involved in uniting. This film has been written by director Justin himself. This film has been appreciated a lot.

2-Banel & Adama: French filmmaker Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s film Benel and Adama is also making a lot of headlines at the Cannes Festival. The story of this film is a love story. There is a young couple going through an ecstatic phase of love. The family members of both go against their relationship. A web of conspiracies is woven to keep both of them away. But seeing the love of this couple on screen, people get emotional. This film has also been appreciated a lot in Cannes.

3-La Chimera: Italian film maker and director ‘Alice Rohrwacher’ film La Chimara is also very much discussed in Cannes. The story of this film is of a historian. Who is very dedicated to his project. Meanwhile, the other end of the world turns around in front of him and he gets trapped in the smuggling market. After this, the hero of the film continues to struggle. The story of this film also turned the minds of the people.

4-Club Zero: Australian director Jessica Hausner’s film Club Zero has also caught the attention of many people. Many people have liked the film and it is being discussed a lot. The film has been made jointly by several producers. Director Jessica is also being highly praised in this film.

5-May-December: This film of director Tom Hynes has also become a topic of discussion in Cannes. The story of this film is also very interesting. There is a newly married couple in the film, between whom the romance reaches its peak. Meanwhile, there is an entry of a character from the past and the old exploits of both are revealed. How much life can change in a moment has been presented in a poignant way in this film.

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