These social workers of Indore will get 10% of the earnings of Lavaste movie, the reason is interesting

Abhilash Mishra / Indore: Lavaste movie is going to release on 26th May. The trailer of the film has also been released. But the special thing is that 10 percent of the earning of this movie is going to be given to the social workers of Indore. Let us tell you that in connection with the trailer launch of the movie, the entire team of Lavaste Movie reached Indore, where they told that 10% of the film’s earnings will be given to the social workers of Indore.

Well-known philanthropists of Indore Jaideep alias Jaiyu Joshi and Karim Pathan told News18 that the movie 872 Lavaste is made for the service of the abandoned people and their last rites. When the director of the movie came to know that there are some people in Indore too, who have been doing the last rites of unclaimed dead bodies and serving the people on a large scale for years, he called us and expressed his love. and given respect. The hero of this movie called us real life heroes. What can be a bigger earning than this?

Further told that the director of the movie has offered us a part of the movie or say 10% for service works. Which we have gladly accepted. In the whole relation, Karim Pathan told that the director of the movie has dedicated this movie to us. Our morale has increased further with this love and respect. We will now be able to work on a much larger scale and we are very excited.


FIRST PUBLISHED : May 21, 2023, 14:17 IST

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