This girl was the most expensive actress of the 50s, she used to have a personal bodyguard, Dilip Kumar was also crazy about her

Mumbai: Social media has become such a medium through which today everyone can easily get a glimpse of their favorite star. From Instagram to Twitter, pictures and videos of celebs dominate. Meanwhile, a picture of the childhood of such an actress (Bollywood Celebs Childhood Photo) has been published on social media, who at one time had an umbrella state on Hindi cinema. Are you able to recognize this girl seen in the black and white photo, if not, then let us give you some hints related to her.

This girl seen in the photo started her career at the age of 7. She started her career with All India Radio and after growing up, she ruled Hindi cinema in the 50s on the basis of her beauty and acting. This actress dominated the world for her beauty and said goodbye to this world at a very young age. The special thing is that from Kishore Kumar, Kamal Amrohi to Tragedy King Dilip Kumar, they were crazy about him.

Yes, this girl is none other than Madhubala, one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Madhubala may not be in this world today, but through her beauty, performance and films, she is still alive in the hearts of fans. Madhubala had said goodbye to this world in 1969 itself. Madhubala’s condition worsened due to illness and she died in 1969. The actress had a hole in her heart since childhood. Due to which he often had trouble. Madhubala passed away due to not getting the right treatment.

The Mughal-e-Azam film made in India in the 60s was a huge hit. Madhubala played the role of Anarkali in it. (wiki commons)

Madhubala’s childhood name was Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlvi, but when she stepped into the film world, she changed her name to Madhubala. This name was given to Madhubala by actress Devika Rani. He did 60 films in his career of nearly 20 years and captured the hearts of the audience. Madhubala was the fifth number sister among her siblings. But, the actress’s family was very conservative, so none of the five studied. Zahida was the only sister of the actress who was able to study. Madhubala was fond of acting since childhood and chasing this dream, she reached Bollywood.

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