Used to touch the feet of ‘mother-in-law’ with a pallu on her head? Superstar broke down when he attacked backward thinking! changed story

New Delhi. Sanjeev Kumar (Sanjeev Kumar) said goodbye to the world in 1985 at the age of just 47. Even today his fans remember him a lot. Along with Sanjeev Kumar’s professional life, personal life was also in great discussion. His name was associated with many actresses. Among them a dream girl Hema Malini (Hema Malini) have also been It is said that when Sanjeev was at the peak of his career and Hema was a Bollywood newcomer, he fell in love with Dream Girl. Hema Malini herself had accepted this in an interview and also disclosed about the actor’s wedding proposal. Along with this, Dream Girl had also told that when she used to meet Sanjeev Kumar’s mother, how she used to present herself in front of him.

It is said that Sanjeev Kumar loved Hema Malini the most. He also wanted to marry her. For this, he also proposed Hema Malini, but Hema rejected him and married Dharmendra. The reason behind this was once told by Hema herself. In an interview given to the Times of India in the year 1991, Hema Malini had told that Sanjeev Kumar’s mother Shantaben had come to her house with a marriage proposal. Hema was very happy to meet his mother. When the talk of marriage started, Hema’s mother Jaya Chakraborty put a condition for the marriage. He said that he had no objection to Hema-Sanjeev’s marriage but on one condition. It was a condition that even after marriage, Hema would continue her career like this.

When Hema Malini herself disclosed
Hema Malini had also said in the interview that whenever she met Sanjeev’s mother, she used to cover her head and touch her feet. Along with this, it is said that Sanjeev Kumar was so saddened by Hema Malini’s refusal that he decided never to marry. It is also said that yesteryear’s beautiful actress Sulakshana Pandit was in love with Sanjeev Kumar but Sanjeev’s mind was dominated by Hema Malini. He refused Sulakshana. Sanjeev Kumar remained unmarried all his life. Sanjeev probably could not bear the infidelity he had received from Hema and he resorted to alcohol to forget his grief.

That’s why both could not get married
According to media reports, Hema Malini dated Sanjeev Kumar and only then he went to her house with a marriage proposal. But because of his choice to marry, Hema did not marry him. Writers Hanif Zaveri and Sumant Batra have explained in detail in his biography. Why didn’t Hema-Sanjeev get married? According to the book, Hema Jahan was an open-minded woman and wanted to make it big in Bollywood, while Sanjeev Kumar wanted a submissive housewife who would stay at home and serve his mother. Due to this backward mentality of Sanjeev, Hema distanced herself from him and started dating Dharmendra. It is said that Hema rejected his proposal because of this thinking of Sanjeev and his mother. After this she married Dharmendra.

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