Users called Shoaib Ibrahim’s brother-in-law ‘Gutkha King’, Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law was heartbroken, Saba’s new video went VIRAL

New Delhi. TV’s famous actor Shoaib Ibrahim (Shoaib Ibrahim)’s sister and Deepika Kakkar (Dipika Kakar)’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim (Saba Ibrahim) is also a social media queen. Like her brother and sister-in-law, she also has a good fan following on social media. She remains among her fans through her vlogging. Along with this, she keeps sharing every small and big thing related to her life with the fans. Although you will be a little shocked to know that Saba Ibrahim is very loud these days because on social media netizens have started talking about her husband Khalid Niaz aka Sunny (khalid niaz) has been trolled a lot by calling him ‘Gutkha King’. Now on this comment of netizens, Saba has shared the video while giving a befitting reply.

It is known that Sabah runs a YouTube channel. On which there are also millions of subscribers. She keeps sharing vlogs related to fashion and health on her channel. The social media influencer of 28 is quite active on Instagram as well. Recently, Saba has spoken on the trolling of herself and her husband. Along with this, she revealed in her latest vlog how users made fun of her husband’s health problem and trolled her.

Saba Ibrahim’s health issue is made fun of
Saba Ibrahim has shared a latest vlog. In which she is talking about her and her husband’s health issue. In the video she is seen with her husband. It can be seen in the video that Saba is saying in a huff that how people are making fun of her health problem. He said, ‘It hurts when people say that you are faking your health problem. Her husband Khalid was right next to Saba and was explaining to her that these people have no life and they keep hurting everyone’s sentiments. Sabah also requested that people should not make fun of her anxiety as her family knows what happens to her.
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husband is called gutka king
Further, Khalid Vlog also spoke about his heart and told how people also call him ‘Gutkha King’. Saba became emotional on this and lashed out at the trollers. Saba admits that she has given up her bad habit. He said that if a person is trying to start a new life, then you people are making fun of it. He said, “somebody used to eat, they had a habit. He doesn’t eat now. Some person tries to do a good thing on his behalf, you are making fun of him. Yes, he used to eat earlier, we accept. Every human has some bad habits. Although now he has left this habit.

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