Video made from father’s theft, Kaviraj of Rajasthan became famous YouTuber today

Krishna Kumar / Nagaur. Today we are going to tell you about a person from Nagaur who has earned a lot of name in the world of social media. This is Rajendra alias Kaviraj Dhauliya, a resident of Kharnal village of Nagaur. Who started making videos on YouTube from 2014 and today has become such a face of Nagaur who is spreading smiles on the faces of people with his comedy videos.

Kaviraj had first lip-synched on a song whose video went viral. After that, Kaviraj made a short film named Sushmita, in which he explained the difference between a beggar and a street seller. This video became very viral. However, after this, Kaviraj’s father told him not to make videos, so Kaviraj said goodbye to YouTube.

start again in 2018

Kaviraj said that he went to Jaipur to complete his studies after his father refused to make videos on YouTube, but in 2018, hiding from his family, changed the name of the channel to Comdey King RJ 21 and uploaded four videos in 2018. When father came to know then he stopped uploading videos. But during this time Kaviraj started writing poetry and started participating in Kavi Sammelan.

luck changed when name changed

Kaviraj’s correct name is Rajendra Dhauliya, but once the host of Kavi Sammelan, Gajendra and Jayesh mistakenly named Kaviraj Dhauliya in place of Kavi Rajendra, since then this name became Kaviraj Dhauliya.

From 2018, Kaviraj used to participate in comedy and poet conferences on stage. Kaviraj told that when I told my family members that I want to make comedy videos instead of studying, I got maximum support from my sister and elder brother. The elder brother talked to the father and got permission to make the video but kept a condition that he would not touch the book back. Do whatever you want to do on social media. After that, from June 2021, Kaviraj started making videos and uploading them on YouTube.

Kaviraj says that in the beginning father wanted me to get number in government service but now father is getting full support. After that he became a well-known face in the case of comedy in Nagaur today.

Please tell that the name of Kaviraj’s YouTube channel is Kaviraj Dhauliya. There are 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube. There are two pages on Facebook. In which there are 26 thousand followers on one page and around 15 thousand on one page. There are 9 lakh followers on the Mauj app. There are 75 thousand followers on Instagram. Kaviraj also conducts Kavi Sammelan at present and also wants to become a standup comedian.


FIRST PUBLISHED : May 22, 2023, 15:44 IST

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