‘We don’t watch, watch watches our time’, when the superstar was overwhelmed by his own words, time turned and…


‘Two stages pass in the journey of life, they do not come again… they do not come again’. This superhit song says a deep thing about life. It is said that one who does not understand the importance of time in life, then time again shows its colors to him. A superstar, who spoke in his bigotry, about which he must have felt pain after thinking about it. The first superstar of Bollywood, whose magic used to speak on people’s heads. It was crazy that girls used to keep her pictures under their pillow and boys used to copy her style completely. He is the only Bollywood actor who gave 15 consecutive superhit films. This record of his remains intact. But do you know that after becoming a superstar, when pride came inside him, he did not listen to anyone and when it got out of hand, he had only time left.

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