When Mahesh Bhatt used to drown in alcohol, he showed caress on innocent daughter Shaheen, then only … ‘The director told the scary story

Whenever an actor is shown drinking alcohol in Bollywood films, a warning appears below it… ‘Drinking alcohol is injurious to health’. But perhaps you would not know that all the actors and directors of Bollywood are such that they remain under the influence of alcohol even in real life. Famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt is also one of them. Although now he has stopped drinking, but once he used to get drunk.

Mahesh Bhatt has given more than one film in Bollywood. He remains in headlines regarding his personal and professional life. In a recent interview, he himself mentioned one thing, when he used to be intoxicated. But an incident happened in his life and he hated alcohol. The director himself narrated that dreadful tale.

Because of Shaheen, he got rid of addiction in a few minutes.
Actually Mahesh Bhatt came in Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘Invincibles with Arbaaz Khan’. Here Mahesh Bhatt told many interesting stories related to his life. He told how he had a bad addiction to alcohol, but a time came when because of his first daughter Shaheen, he got rid of this addiction within a few minutes.

When I said I can’t deal with this rejection
Mahesh Bhatt told that Shaheen, his first daughter from Soni Razdan, is behind his alcoholism. Actually, after Soni gave birth to Shaheen, Mahesh Bhatt reached the hospital to meet his daughter. Here Soni gave the daughter in his lap. As soon as Mahesh tried to caress Shaheen in his lap, he felt as if Shaheen was trying to go away from him. He felt that his mouth stinks of alcohol and that is the reason why his daughter wants to go away from him. Mahesh Bhatt told his wife, ‘I can’t deal with this rejection’ and after that he decided to quit drinking.

Drunk Mahesh Bhatt sleeping on the pavement
During this, Mahesh Bhatt shared such an anecdote, which you might not believe. Once Mahesh got so drunk that he had to sleep on the footpath. He was so intoxicated with alcohol that he did not regain consciousness at all. He told that when his eyes opened, he saw that he was sleeping on the footpath of JVPD scheme. Mahesh said that I remember I was on the ground and it was about to dawn. Had gone to a party at night and got drunk and fell on the road and fell asleep there. He told that somehow I reached home on foot. At that time I was living with Soni Razdan.

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