When music composer Nadeem said, ‘I didn’t run away from India’, told how his name surfaced in the Gulshan Kumar murder case

New Delhi. Composer Nadeem Saifi, who gave many superhit songs to Bollywood. Career had reached heights when suddenly something happened that serious allegations were leveled against Nadeem. On August 12, 1997, something happened that Bollywood has hardly been able to forget by the people of the country. On 12 August 1997, T-Series owner Gulshan Kumar was shot dead outside the Jeeteshwar Temple in South Andheri area of ​​Mumbai. Musician Nadeem Saifi was accused of planning this murder.

Nadeem Saifi fled to England after his name surfaced in the case. In 2002, an Indian court quashed the case against him for involvement in the murder due to lack of evidence, but the warrant for his arrest was not withdrawn. In an interview, he spoke openly on the allegations leveled against him and kept his side. Let me tell you what he said.

Thought it was a misunderstanding but…
In an old interview given to the media, Nadeem Saifi had put forward many things related to this case. He had said, ‘I thought it was a misunderstanding in the minds of the people and it would go away soon, but it did not happen and things would come to such a bad turn. For Gulshan Kumar, I was like his younger brother and loved me very much.

‘I suffered unnecessary exile’
He had said that I want to come back to India so that I can prove myself innocent. I have suffered an unnecessary exile, a great injustice has been done to the person who has entertained India and the Asian people so much. He said that I did not run away from India. It was taken the wrong way.

I was implicated in the case
When Nadeem was asked in the interview whether he felt that he had been implicated in this case, he said, ‘Absolutely, a conspiracy was hatched to implicate me. UK High Court, UK Supreme Court, The House of Lords and even Sessions Court Judge Justice ML Tahilyani had confirmed that there is no evidence against me. A lot of injustice has happened to me but I have faith in the law.

Keep your plans to yourself only
Nadeem said that I am happy that people want to work with me, but after spending 25 years in obscurity, I have understood one thing that one should keep his plans only to himself. I am afraid of evil eye. Things that happen in such a way do not happen again.

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