When Salman Khan-Himesh Reshammiya’s relationship deteriorated, Once More caused a rift! Whose fault was it?


After this sentence, Salman almost stopped giving Himesh work in films. However, by then Himesh had got that fame. Singer was getting work, so he didn’t even need Salman much. Salman tried to give work in some films, but was asked to wait from Himesh’s side. This is the only thing that got stung by Salman. There was a lot of love between the two, but after getting upset, there was an on-camera debate between Himesh and Salman. Not only this, once Himesh Reshammiya got angry on Salman Khan. Actually, Salman Khan had reached a singing reality show. Himesh Reshammiya was the judge in this show and Salman Khan had come to promote one of his films.

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