When the actor got 150 stitches due to anger, had to undergo surgery, the wife was left sweating

New Delhi. Sharad Kelkar, who became the voice of South’s superstar Prabhas in the superhit franchise ‘Bahubali’, leaves no chance to entertain the audience. He has been associated with the acting world for 20 years. But he has got recognition from the TV industry because before appearing in films, he has done most of the work on TV only. Recently, the actor has made a big disclosure about his anger.

Sharad Kelkar in his recent interview has told how he has faced many problems due to his anger. Due to anger, problems had arisen in his personal life as well. He has also shared an anecdote related to his wife. Even though Sharad is at a different stage today, but due to one of his shortcomings, he had to roam unemployed. Sharad himself has disclosed this thing. However, later he proved his acting prowess by playing different characters on TV.

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When surgery had to be done due to anger
During a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Sharad Kelkar recalled a true incident from his life which left his wife very upset. The actor allegedly broke a glass in a fit of rage. Disclosing this, he says, “The biggest example of this is the 150 stitches on my hand. Because of which I had to undergo surgery. Once in a fit of anger, I hit the mirror with my hand and the mirror was completely broken. Kirti saw this, she was very scared. Even when I reached the hospital, she was standing outside looking very nervous. All these had a great impact on my life. I had decided that I will not get angry anymore. After that my whole life was changed and I became quite calm too.

Suffered unemployment due to stuttering
In this conversation, Sharad also remembered his old days. He told that when he came to Mumbai, he was struggling with stammering. He says, “I didn’t know how to act and I didn’t have money or a house. That time taught me that I have to work hard till I get the job. During that time I also faced a lot of unemployment and then after that, when I did my first TV show Sindoor Tere Naam. I had a stuttering problem and was not sure how I would overcome it. But everything will be alright in no time, and the rest is in front of everyone today.


Sharad Kelkar has once again become the voice of Prabhas in the film ‘Adipurush’. In this film directed by Om Raut, Prabhas will play the role of Raghav, while Kriti Sanon will be seen in the role of Janaki. Saif Ali Khan is also in the role of a villain in this film. Saif Ravana and Sunny Singh will be seen in the role of Laxman. Adipurush is being considered as the biggest film of Prabhas’ career. Only time will tell whether this film made on a huge budget will show how amazing it will be.

Sharad Kelkar has proved his acting skills in TV and films.
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