When the actress came out of jail, the mother cried with happiness, deep scars were seen on her face! Mumbai Police revealed the shocking truth

Mumbai. Sarjah Police has released Bollywood actress Krishan Pereira from jail after 3 weeks. Krishan Pereira was arrested by the police at Sarjah airport. Chrisson had a trophy in his hand in which drugs were found. As soon as the drug spot happened, the police took Krishan into custody.

However, when the entire matter was investigated, Krishan was found innocent in the case and was released by the police. As soon as Chris came out, he talked to his mother. Krishan’s mother and daughter wept happily seeing her in the open sun. As soon as Krishan was released, there was an atmosphere of happiness in his house. Krishan’s brother Kevin Pereira has posted a video of this on his Instagram.

Mumbai Police revealed the shocking truth
Krishan has done small roles in Bollywood films. 27-year-old Krishan, who has worked in Sadak-2 and Batla House, keeps auditioning continuously. Meanwhile, someone referred to Chrisson being cast in the series in Dubai and sent him to UAE. Krishan reached here on 1 April. Here some miscreants took advantage of Krishan and gave him an item which he had to deliver to a third person. Krishan also kept this stuff and took it with her. As soon as Krishan reached Sarjah airport, the police arrested her.

Mumbai Police caught 2 accused in the investigation
When Krishan was arrested by Sarjah police, he told the truth of the whole matter and pleaded his innocence. The police interrogated Krishan and collected all the facts. After this the Mumbai Police was informed about this. Here Mumbai Police became active in the case and arrested 2 accused. Police told that both the accused had framed Krishan. Krishan has been released after the investigation of the case. There is an atmosphere of happiness in his house when Krishan is released. As soon as Chrison was released, he talked to his mother. Seeing Krishan in the open sky, his mother also became emotional and started crying. Krishan’s brother Kevin has shared a video of this on his Instagram.

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