When these Bollywood stars reached the floor from their thrones, some begged and some did not even get a shoulder in the last moment.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Became Rags: When the film industry writes moon and stars in someone’s fate and when it makes someone a fakir, nothing can be said. People who come here without bringing anything become stars overnight, while some people spend their days in such a way that they come on the road. There are some such Bollywood stars who could not handle fame when luck took them to heights, then the wheel of time turned in such a way that in the last journey of life, they became dependent on every penny. So let’s take a look at those Bollywood stars today who got heights in the industry but still she did not stay with them till the last journey.

Vimi was an independent actress who started her career with BR Chopra’s film Humraaz. After Humraaz, her second film Patanga was a flop. From here, Vimi’s life took a turn. Married Vimi accused her husband of assault. Then the business that he did also got stalled. After this Vimi became so addicted to alcohol that she agreed only after selling everything. He breathed his last on 22 August 1977 in the general ward of Nanavati Hospital. In his last time, his body did not even get four shoulders, so he was taken on a handcart to the cremation ground.

Bharat Bhushan
You will remember the film Baiju Bawra released in 1952. Bharat Bhushan gained a lot of fame from this film. He was born in a noble family. He was the owner of many bungalows in Mumbai, but the ravages of time took away everything from Bharat Bhushan. Due to continuous flop films, he had to sell everything. A time came when he had nothing left and he died in 1992, struggling with this financial crisis.

god grandfather
Bhagwan Dada, who worked in more than 300 films, was very popular for his excellent work. He directed many films. Which was very popular not only in the country but also abroad. Bad time came in his life when he put his all in the film Haste Rehna. He was the owner of 7 vehicles and a bungalow situated at Sea View Point in Juhu. All this was sold because of this film. In such a situation, due to poverty, his last journey was spent in a Chawl in Mumbai.

Mahesh Anand
Mahesh used to be a famous villain of Hindi films. He had proved his acting skills in superhit films like Vishwatma and Shahenshah. Apart from Hindi, he also worked in Tamil and Telugu films. However, fame did not support him in his last moments. The dead body of Mahesh, who spent the last time alone, was found in a very bad condition in a house.

A. Of. Hangal
In Sholay A. Of. Hangal’s famous dialogue ‘Itna sannata kyon hai bhai’ is still sitting on people’s lips. Hangal sir worked in many excellent Bollywood films. He worked in films till his death, but even after his death he was in dire straits. The disease was taking his life and the poverty was not ready to leave behind. When Amitabh Bachchan came to know about this, he helped AK Saheb with 20 lakh rupees. However, even then AK Saheb could not survive.

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