Where is this beautiful actress, once associated with Arshad Warsi, has also worked with Shahrukh and Ajay Devgan

New Delhi. There are many such actresses in Bollywood who could not show anything special in their career even after romancing on screen with big superstars. Far from becoming Bollywood’s top actress, she said goodbye to acting. such an actress Anjali Jathar Who shared the screen with Shahrukh in the film Trimurti. It is also said that she got engaged to Arshad Warsi. But today she is living a life of anonymity away from the world of acting.

In the year 1995, Subhash Ghai’s multistarrer film Trimurti was released. In this film, stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff were seen in lead roles. Anjali Jathar was seen opposite Shahrukh in this film. From 1994 to 1997, she was very active in the film world. In his acting career, he also worked with big stars like Ajay Devgan, Shah Rukh Khan and Sunil Shetty. One of her songs with Sunil Shetty was quite a hit ‘Kya Ada Kya Jalve Ter Paro’ Anjali was also known as Liril Girl in those days.

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Got recognition with Aamir Khan
Anjali had also worked in many ads before appearing in films. Liril’s ad had become very popular during that period. Liril is the ad with which actresses like Preity Zinta started their career. Anjali is also known as ‘Liril Girl’. Offers started pouring in from Bollywood. Vikram was also making a film at that time and he was looking for a new face, then cast ‘Madhosh’ Anjali Jathar. However, his film could not show anything amazing at the box office. But Anjali got recognition from this film.

Romanced with Shahrukh
As such, Anjali worked with Sunil Shetty in films like ‘Shastra’, ‘Vishwasghat’ and ‘Dhaal’ in her career. She also appeared in a film with Ajay Devgan, but she got big recognition after romancing Shah Rukh Khan on screen in Subhash Ghai’s film ‘Trimooti’. Even after this, he worked in many films. But he stopped getting work as soon as he saw it. Anjali Jathar had revealed in an interview given many years back that she was close to Arshad Warsi. During that period, his name was also associated with Arshad Warsi. Later, she left acting and films and went abroad and was last seen in 1998 in her last film ‘Khote Sikkie’.

Let us inform that the news of his engagement with Arshad Warsi had also come to the fore. However, now Anjali Jathar leaves acting and films and teaches dance. He has ‘Bollywood Dance Academy’ in North Carolina. Anjali Jathar married Kaushik Paul and has a son, she married Paul Kaushal and settled in the US.

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