Who was Shikhandi in BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’, who has a special relationship with ‘Shakuni’, got the character because of a friend

New Delhi. There have been some serials in the history of India’s small screen, which the audience will hardly be able to forget. ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ are one of the two such serials, which reside on the hearts and minds of the people. As soon as the telecast of ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ started during the lockdown, Doordarshan’s TRPs started touching the sky, this proves that even today the craze for Ramayana and Mahabharata among the people is the same as it was years ago. You will remember that BR Chopra was the producer who brought a grand serial like ‘Mahabharata’ to the small screen. Every episode of ‘Mahabharata’ starting from ‘Main Samay Hoon’ was unique. Every artist of this serial was also unique.

The character of ‘Shikhandi’ in ‘Mahabharat’ was such a character, about which people knew very little, but when people saw the acting of this artist, they appreciated him a lot. You might not know that the artist who played the character of ‘Shikhandi’ in ‘Mahabharat’ got this role because of one of his friends who worked in the serial itself, and after that this artist got into his character in such a way that people Started considering him as real ‘Shikhandi’. Let us tell you who played the character of Shikhandi and how this artist got this role.

Shikhandi was the reason for Bhishma Pitamah’s death
People had heard about the character of Shikhandi in Mahabharata, but it was very difficult for them to understand her real form. Everyone knew that Shikhandi was the cause of Bhishma Pitamah’s death, but it was equally difficult to bring it on screen. BR Chopra made this difficulty easy. He presented the character of ‘Shikhandi’ in the serial ‘Mahabharat’ in such a wonderful way that people started to understand how Shikhandi became the reason for the death of Bhishma Pitamah at the time of ‘Mahabharat’.

Got the role of ‘Shikhandi’ because of a friend
The character of Shikhandi in BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ was played by talented actor and comedian Kanwarjit Paintal. Shikhandi of ‘Mahabharat’ has a very close relationship with ‘Shakuni Mama’ seen in the show. Although Kanwarjit did not come for the role of Shikhandi, but the role for which he came, that character did not look so serious, which he was looking for. After this, due to a special friend, he got this character in Mahabharata and he immortalized the character of Shikhandi.

‘Shikhandi’ of Mahabharata i.e. Kanwarjit Paintal was born on 22 August 1948 in a Sikh family.

What is the relation of ‘Shikhandi’ with ‘Shakuni Mama’
Gufi Paintal, brother of actor and comedian Kanwarjit Paintal, played an important role in Mahabharata. He not only selected the actors according to the character, but also played the character of ‘Shakuni Mama’ very beautifully in the show. Kanwarjit Paintal and Gufi Paintal are both brothers and a well-known name in TV and films.

How did you get the character of ‘Shikhandi’?
Kanwarjeet Paintal had a good friendship with Ravi Chopra, son of producer-director BR Chopra. Ravi cast Kanwarjeet to play Sudama. But when it was seen that the character of Sudama was not that effective, Pental was cast for the role of Shikhandi in ‘Mahabharata’ itself.
By playing the character of Shikhandi, Paintal got imprinted in the memory of the Indian public.

Kanwarjeet Paintal and Ravi Chopra remained good friends
Kanwarjeet Paintal and Ravi Chopra remained good friends. If media reports are to be believed, Paintal’s mother had cancer, so she asked Ravi Chopra for help of Rs 5,000. Ravi Chopra immediately extended his helping hand and instead of 5, he gave Pental a contribution amount of 10,000. Paintal and Ravi Chopra remained good friends for life.

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