Worked in more C-grade films than Bollywood, spent 3 years in jail, where is Salman Khan’s actress now?

New Delhi, The actress we are going to talk about here had worked in about 20 films in her career. However, this actress could not establish herself with a single film. If we talk about the film career of this actress, then it is bound to talk about the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. If you are thinking that we are talking about the film’s lead actress Bhagyashree here, then you are wrong. The actress we are talking about had played the role of ‘Doodhwali’ in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’.

The actress we are talking about here is none other than Huma Khan. Huma Khan had worked in Bollywood films like ‘Meri Lalkar’, ‘Khooni Raat’. After not being able to make an identity from these films, the actress started carving a different path. When he did not get work anywhere, he resorted to C grade films. Huma Khan is mostly known for C-grade films today.

Born in Pakistan, this actress has also had a deep connection with controversies. Huma Khan was living with the help of C-grade films that suddenly due to one mistake her whole career got ruined. This incident happened 11 years back from today. In 2012, Huma Khan was made serious allegations by the maid who worked in her house.

Used to fight with the girl-
According to the news, Huma Khan was accused of taking a girl hostage and forcing her to work. Seeing the sinking career in films, the actress shifted to Pune, but when she was leaving Mumbai, she took the maid’s daughter with her. This actress not only forced that little girl to work but also used to beat her up.

Was sentenced to 3 years
After this matter came to light in 2012, a case was registered against the actress and she was found guilty. After being convicted, Huma Khan was also sentenced to 3 years. However, no one knows where and in what condition this actress is now.

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