Zeenat Aman got angry after reading wrong information on mother, said ‘she was Hindu and father was Muslim’

New Delhi. Everyday we see new articles about the personal and professional life of Bollywood stars. Because people are interested to know about the star. Zeenat Aman has recently made her debut on Instagram. She is often seen talking about the industry with her pictures on social media. Recently, expressing his displeasure, he posted an Insta story, in which he clarified his ethnicity.

You must be wondering what happened after all that Zeenat Aman had to clarify her ethnicity. Actually, he did this because in an article recently, he was included in the list of celebrities whose parents come from different countries, after which he claimed that this fact is wrong.

Why did Zeenat Aman get angry
Zeenat Aman recently shared a screenshot of a news article on Instagram, in which wrong information was given about her. Actually, the actress was included in that news article in the group of celebrities whose parents come from different countries. After seeing the article, he clarified that his mother was an Indian Hindu and his father an Indian Muslim. His mother’s second marriage was to a German man.

Check facts before publishing anything
Expressing displeasure over her story, Zeenat wrote that the information given in the article is wrong. He wrote, ‘I am happy to be with these beautiful actors, but it is right to double-check the facts before posting such articles. It is a request to do the same in future. My mother was not a ‘German Christian’. She was an Indian Hindu who was married secondly to a German man. My father was an Indian Muslim. This is publicly available information, including my Instagram. I don’t even know how to speak German.

Debuted on Instagram in February this year
Let us tell you that Zeenat Aman made her debut on Instagram in February 2023 this year. Since then, the actress remains very active on this platform. He has shared many old pictures on his account.

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