Esports: India’s performance at CWG and Asian Games signs of change, know the future of esports

Future Of Esports: The country has changed a lot in the last almost 1 decade. During this, changes have also been seen in different areas. Especially, there has been a big change in the esports sector. Although it started in the late 2000s, but it was not seen on a large scale at that time. At that time, it was occasionally seen during college festivals or local tournaments. However, a lot has changed with the changing times, now Esports has become an industry of about Rs 250 crore. Not only this, but more than 6 lakh players are showing their interest in it. Although this statistic tells a lot, but people who do not understand Esports very well will have to give a different example to explain them. However, the best example of this is the Commonwealth Esports Championships. Apart from this, India has participation in many Esports events in Asian Games 2022.

 India among 18 early members of Esports Events

Virtual Olympic Series was organized in the year 2020

At the same time, apart from the Asian Games, this year Commonwealth Games, in which Indian players took part in DOTA 2 and Rocket League. It is worth noting that earlier the International Olympic Committee organized the Virtual Olympic Series (Esports Tournament) before the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Apart from this, Esports was included in OCA Events from the year 2007.

 Esports is recognized as a regular sport in 46 countries other than India

More than 500 million Esports fans in 152 countries

However, in the last few years, people have seen great enthusiasm towards this game. Statistics show that over 500 million Esports fans in 152 countries watch various tournaments online through several different streaming platforms. At the same time, its biggest medium is YouTube, Facebook Gaming, Loco and Router in India. Apart from this, streamers also earn a lot and at the same time in today’s era it is fast emerging as a career. Statistics from YouGov Global Profiles show that every fourth person spends at least 7 hours a week playing video games on their mobile phone. On the other hand, if we talk about India, about 19 percent of the population in the country spends between 1-7 hours in a week playing mobile games and 11 percent between 7-14 hours.

Esports market to reach Rs 1100 crore by 2025

Big celebrities including sportspersons and actors are showing interest

Substantial investments in esports are not limited to tournaments, platforms or communities, but as the most important part of the esports ecosystem, its gamers and content creators have also benefited from multiple brands and subsequent sponsorships. In fact, various rappers, sportspersons, actors and other celebrities are also looking at Esports as a way to increase engagement with the audience and generate revenue. Rapper Raftaar partnered with Fortnite for their Bhangra Boogie Cup, while cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal signed on to Rutgers as a content creator. At the same time, Tiger Shroff is the brand ambassador of Esports Premier League. This example can be understood how popular it has become over time in India. 

Esports as a career

Esports is emerging as a career as well as a better way of earning. Indian youth are looking at it as a career. Experts say that in the coming times, India will emerge as a big market for Esports. After which youth will be more attracted towards Esports Marketing, Coaching, Esports Journalist, Game Designer career. 

Join Esports in Paris Olympics – Emmanuel Macron

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