Etah News: This IPS officer became the messiah for the poor girl student, took the responsibility to bear the expenses of her studies

UP News: Etah’s IPS officer Aditya Prakash Verma is no less than a messiah for a promising poor class nine student. Actually, he is the commandant in 43rd Corps PAC Etah. While inspecting a school in PAC, Sanjay asked the tables of a class eight student, Kumari Shagufta, and she recited all the tables up to 20. After this he asked her the table of 39, then this student also heard the table of 39 correctly and some questions were asked, to which she answered correctly.

Who is the student
He got gifted from the student, he believes that a poor and resourceless girl student is so talented, if she gets a chance to study further, she can do very well in the future. It is from here that Aditya Prakash Verma adopted this Muslim girl and decided that he would educate this girl in a good school at his own expense. She will bear all the expenses of whoever she wants to be. Shagufta lives with her family in Kashiram residential colony near PAC and belongs to a very poor family. Its father earns a living by working as a laborer.

Example for the people of the society
Where people create a gulf between Hindu-Muslim in today’s environment. On the other hand, Etah PAC Commandant Aditya Prakash Verma has set an example of humanity and Hindu Muslim unity by adopting a poor but talented Muslim student, that is commendable and an example for other people of the society.

< p style="text-align: justify;">where admission was done
Today IPS officer Aditya Prakash Verma, commandant of 43rd Corps PSC, reached Shri Ram Bal Bharti Inter College, Etah’s best school with this girl student and her family members. Got it admitted in class 9, as well as deposited his full fee for one year. Also arranged for her books and dress etc.

what said IPS
IPS officer Commandant Etah Aditya Prakash Singh while giving information said that I have adopted Shagufta. He has got admission in Etah’s Shri Ram Bal Bharti School in class 9. Until his career is set, I will make him complete his studies at my own expense  and will help him in every possible way.

what a student wants to become
Shagufta’s family members expressed their gratitude to Aditya Prakash Verma, 43rd PAC Corps Commanded and said that we are very poor people. When such a big officer has adopted our daughter and has taken up the responsibility of her education. We thank you very much for this. Shagufta told that he also wished that he too should study in a good school. She told that she wants to become an IAS officer in future.

what is the decision of IPS
Aditya Prakash Verma told on this occasion that I have faced difficulties in my life. That’s why I can understand the pain of others. He said that I have decided that I will spend 20 percent of my salary for the education of poor children. Under the same, today this talented girl has got admission in this school.

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