Etah: Prisoners got many facilities due to changes in the jail manual made by the British

Etah News: Changes in the prison manual made by the British have got the approval of the cabinet. Prison Minister Dharamveer Prajapati, who reached Etah, has welcomed the change in the old rule of the jail. He told that there were many flaws in the prison manual made by the British. For the last 5 years, the government was working on changing the old jail rule. In the new jail manual, the punishment of black water, the lock-up system has been abolished. Now married women in jail will be able to wear Mangal Sutra. Afternoon tea and biscuits have been arranged for the prisoners.

Prisons Minister enumerated the advantages of new prison manual

Women have got the freedom to wear clothes. He said that in view of independent India, there has been a change in the jail manual. He said that there are two types of prisoners, one professional and the other non-professional. The non-professional prisoner should also be given an opportunity to reform. The husband and wife who are in the same jail have been given an opportunity to talk. 70 to 80 percent of youths below 40 years of age are in jail. Youth is the future of our country. I have started the work of changing the mood by talking to him directly.

So far I have visited the jails of 35 districts till yesterday. We have brought skill development and MSMEs in the new jail manual. We are getting prisoners training in all the jails of UP. After training, social organizations and industrialists will provide work. Prisoners will not remain unemployed after coming out of jails. On the question of implementing Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Yoga in jails, the Minister said that a huge change is being seen. He said that earlier the jail staff had to be engaged when the barracks opened.

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Say-A temple is being arranged in every jail

Now the barracks are opened, then the prisoners themselves keep in discipline and pray. Prisoners chant Gayatri Mantra in jail. Our purpose of Gayatri Mantra was that while living in the barracks, useless things came out of the minds of the prisoners. In free time, the prisoners should chant the mantras and their mood should not go towards the crime. The minister said that the prisoners are excited to get the news of the change in the jail manual. A temple is being arranged in every jail for Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa and Sundar Kand. Many changes will be seen in the prisoners. The minister advocated painting the prisons in the colors of Indian culture. 

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