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Next morning

In vyom house

Riddhima’s room

Riddhima is lying ( sleeping) on floor. Sun rays peep inside the room through her window and falls on her. Due to this her sleep got broke. She wake up. Her eyes fall on the mirror in which see her face image. She get up, goes infront of mirror and see her reflection. Eyes are swollen. Cheeks are red, dry tear strains are visible on it. She is looking tired and weak.

First time her image are reflection in this condition. Before today whenever she saw herself in mirror she looked confident , glow on her face, brightness in eyes and a beautiful smile seeing it anyone can melt.  And today she is looking exactly opposite.

She shook her head as if denying that she is not that Riddhima who is bold. She is weak. But wait she can’t fall weak. It’s true she loved him but she has many other responsibilities too. She have to be strong.

She close her eyes take a deep breath, clear her tears. She then open her eyes and again looked herself in mirror. This time determination not tears but a emotion in her which says from now on she is not going to cry for what happened between them. She feel not locks herself. She will fight with this. She have habe to.

In kitchen

Sejal is making breakfast for all of them and Sia is sitting in kitchen near her. Talking randomly.

Sia : Di will she come out today

Se : May be…   Last night she was crying a lot. Every year she spent her whole day in room only, so that no one can see her broken so may be today also..

And she sighed.

Sia : Di…  Vo…  I want to say…  Please don’t be angry…

Se : it depends Sia…    Pass me the salt

Sia pass her the salt. Mixing the salt on snack she again said

Se : and moreover if it’s about Mr Raisinghnia than I can’t say anything.

S : They both love each other now also and… 

Sejal intrept

Se : see I know it’s not easy to forget first love but…  

She quiet then said after taking a deep breath

Se : They meant for eachother but not meant to be with eachother. They can’t stay together. I can’t trust him. Riddhu is sensitive. And moreover after this mission , at any cost I will take Riddhima from here.

S : Why you hate him this much. We played cupid in their love story. Can’t we do that again . After all he is your Rakhi brother. Why can’t you give him second chance.

Se : Sia…

Sia : let me complete di…  I can see in their eyes . today also they hold so much love for each other . They will not say anything about this as seeing thier condition I can say that zakhm bahut gehra hai…  But we can di. he is your brother he also cared for you loved you like me and Ishani.

Sia’s phone rings. She see caller id it’s from VR Mansion so she find it necessary to pick. Before going She said

Sia : Think about it

She starts to leave. But again she stopped in her track. Turn to Sejal and said

Sia : every year on the day of rakhaa Bandhan someone always sends rakhi for vansh bhai. By this I can say, that person love him so much even now also.

Listening this Sejal halted. After making breakfast Sejal is cleaning the kitchen. After listening to sia she stopped her work and looked at Sia . They both looked each other then Sia goes from there. Now Sejal is alone in kitchen

Se : I don’t hate him Sia. How can I hate my brother but before him Riddhu is my bestie. And it’s hurt to see her like this.

She sighed and resumed her work.

In hall one side vyom is doing some work on laptop and other side in corner near sofa on which vyom is sitting Sia is attending the call from VR Mansion. It was Dadi’s call

S : Dadi vo Riddhima caught fever that’s why we have to here only

D : But tumlog ho kaha

S : Dadi in friends house. Don’t worry… 

She stoped as she listen vyom saying or we can say wishpering….

Hua yuh that vyom is engrossed in her work but when he listened footsteps he become alerted as they are coming from the way of Riddhima’s room . And he is sure today also Riddhima will not come out of room. when he looked toward the person he become shocked as he see……

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