Europe Trip: If you dream of traveling to Europe, then make a budget friendly travel plan, the trip will be of 4 to 5 days, the cost will be very less

Europe Best Tourist Destinations: Europe is very beautiful. If you are planning to travel abroad, then many countries of Europe will make your trip very memorable. In these countries you can explore in a low budget. If you are worried about the budget, then rest assured because many countries of Europe are so cheap that you can travel for 4 to 5 days in a budget of 1 lakh only. Let us know about those countries of Europe, where you can travel on a low budget..
From the mountains to the sea beach will be seen in Bulgaria. Along with this, every color of nature can be seen here. Bulgaria is very beautiful place and cheap country so you should visit here once Must go. You can travel to Bulgaria under Rs 1 lakh. 
The mind will be mesmerized by the natural scenery of Romania. Living and traveling in Romania is very cheap and easy. If you separate the cost of flight tickets, then you can visit Romania even for 50 thousand rupees. You get to see beautiful landscapes in this country. 
Slovakia is a very beautiful and wonderful country. Here you can also travel in your budget of 1 lakh rupees. The best thing is that the transportation here is very cheap. Also, eating and living in Slovakia also becomes cheap. Here hotels are available from 3500 to 4 thousand. There are many old palaces and beautiful mountains in this country. Where you can also see the snowy beauty of Europe. 
Hungary is considered a treasure of ancient architecture of Europe. Celebrities also come to visit Budapest in Hungary. Many films are also shot in Budapest. In Hungary, hotels will be available for 3 thousand to 4 thousand rupees where you can stay. Along with this, food can also be eaten in the budget. If you travel by local transport then the cost will be less.
Portugal is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. The natural scenery and ancient architecture of Portugal will make for a day to remember. Portugal is very cheap despite being a big tourist destination. Here you also get a hotel within 2 thousand rupees. Here transport and food are also within your budget.
Croatia is known as Magical Land because of its beauty. There are many beautiful places and beaches to visit in Croatia. Hotels are easily available in Croatia for 2-3 thousand rupees. It also costs less to eat and travel.
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