‘Excessive rest will worsen the health’, the constable, worried about getting leave, asked the station in-charge

Rajasthan News: Rajasthan Police is always seen standing ready to handle law and order and protect people. On the occasion of festivals and festivals, their duty becomes more difficult. In such a situation, have you ever thought that the police can also get a weekly holiday. It is not so, the truth is that following the orders of Rajasthan DGP Umesh Mishra, work is on to gradually implement the weekly holiday in all the districts of the state. 

On the other hand, a constable posted in Udaipur on getting weekly leave is shocking. Through his letter, the constable has demanded cancellation of the weekly holiday. Isn’t it surprising. When the weekly holiday is being given, then it cannot be called correct to give such a statement on the part of the constable. Come, let us tell you what a constable on duty in Udaipur has written in his letter. 

Here is the text of the constable’s letter

Constable’s letter for cancellation of weekly leave has been written by constable Samay Singh posted at Surajpol police station. The constable has written a letter to Surajpole Police Station Officer (SHO). In the letter, the constable has written that I do not want weekly rest. My Sigma-2 duty lasts from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. I am getting 12 hours rest after doing duty. Taking more rest than this can spoil my body. There is a fear of getting other diseases. 

Weekend Damager 

Constable Samay Singh has told in his letter on January 21 that I have a disc problem in my back. Since the year 1999, this problem has remained continuously. More rest or hard work duty than this can also be harmful, so it is a humble request to sir to stop my weekly rest considering my problem. Will be forever grateful to you. 

I have no clue about the viral letter

Udaipur SP Vikas Kumar Sharma said that the weekly holiday for work has been implemented. I have no information about the viral letter of the constable. Tell that after the order of DGP Umesh Mishra, Udaipur Range IG Praful Kumar had also ordered to implement weekly holiday. After this, the constable’s weekly holiday is going on continuously in the districts of the division. 

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