Explained: What is the 2+2 dialogue between India and America and when did it start?

India-US 2+2 talks

Two plus two dialogue (2 + 2 Dialogue) between the two nations is such a ministerial dialogue, in which a meeting is organized between two different ministries of two countries. Two ministers each from both the countries are present in this meeting. That’s why it is called 2+2 negotiation. The two plus two dialogue between India and America is a high level forum for talks between the two countries. The two plus two dialogue provides a common platform to review the security, defense and strategic partnership between India and the US. This dialogue is focused on the strategic and strategic cooperation between India and the US in the Indian Ocean region. At the same time, another purpose of this dialogue is to discuss measures to limit China’s increasing dominance in the Indian Ocean.

When did it start?

During the two plus two talks, the ministers reviewed mutual efforts to deal with the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and appealed to end this enmity. There are continuous attacks between Russia and Ukraine since February 24. America and India have completely different perspectives on this issue. India is in favor of peace between Russia and Ukraine and has used strong words many times about it, but India has never criticized Russia directly. Apart from this, India has also been out during voting against Russia in the United Nations General Assembly. Regarding oil imports from Russia, India has clearly said that as much oil as India imports in a month, European countries buy it in the afternoon of a day. 

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