Explosion during Friday prayers in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, 10 killed

Kabul Mosque Blast: At least 10 people were killed and 20 others injured in a massive explosion at a mosque in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Friday. A Taliban spokesman said: “At least 10 worshipers have been killed in a powerful explosion at a Sunni mosque in Kabul. 20 people are injured in this blast. The condition of some of them is said to be critical.”

Hundreds of people gathered to offer prayers

No organization claimed responsibility for the blast
Taliban Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammad Nafi Takor gave no further details and said Taliban security personnel had surrounded the area. He said the source of the blast was not immediately known and no one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. Local residents said the explosion was so severe that the buildings around the mosque shook. An ambulance was seen moving towards the spot after the explosion. This mosque belongs to the majority Sunni Muslims of Afghanistan.

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