‘Fake currency, terror funding’, what the Center said in SC on demonetisation and what PM Modi said

Demonetisation: It has been a controversial issue ever since the announcement of demonetisation. The opposition is still besieging the Modi government at the Center regarding this. While announcing the demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made it clear what was the objective behind it. He had said that its purpose is to eliminate black money and to eradicate fake notes. At the same time, in the Supreme Court hearing on this matter on the previous day (September 16), the Center said that it was a well thought out plan implemented to stop tax evasion and curb black money.

The government has also claimed that the decision of demonetisation was not his alone. It was implemented after much discussion and preparation. It was recommended by the Central Board of the Reserve Bank. The central government, defending in the Supreme Court, said that its purpose was to deal with the problem of fake notes and to stop the funding of terrorists. This plan was implemented after a lot of thought and a lot of preparation was done before that. The next hearing on the entire matter is to be held in the Supreme Court on November 24. 

What did PM Modi say on demonetisation 

"Brothers and sisters, I have only asked the country for 50 days. Give me a chance till 30th December my brothers and sisters. If any shortcoming remains after 30th December, some mistake may be found out, some my wrong intention may be found out. At whatever intersection you will make me stand, I am ready to stand and face whatever punishment the country gives." He said this while laying the foundation stone of an airport in Goa just five days after demonetisation. 

The atmosphere of the country had changed after demonetisation 

Actually, 6 years ago on 8 November 2016, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the withdrawal of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. After demonetisation, the atmosphere of the country had completely changed. Long queues were seen outside the banks. After the announcement,  people had only one aim to get their 500 and 1000 notes to their bank accounts or spend them. 

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