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The Episode starts with Faltu and Ayaan fleeing in the car. Charan goes out and tells the family about Faltu’s leaving. He says I don’t regret, I made her run away for the sake of her dreams. Aunt asks what will we tell Pappi that his would bride fled again. Ayaan asks do you want something. Faltu says no, you said you will come to see my match, why did you disappear then. He says actually… He recalls Badepa’s words. He looks for his phone. She says it will be here. He says no, maybe it fell down somewhere. She asks did you come back from airport to help me.

He says I have to reach home. Kanika says all the preparations are done, where is Ayaan, did Sid say right. Janardhan says I know my son. Savi says Ayaan is a responsible man. Kanika says no, he would have been here, why did he lie to Suhana and disappear, if my Tanu’s heart breaks, then I swear, it won’t be good. Tanisha starts crying. Savi consoles her. Kanik argues with them. Janardhan calls it enough. She says don’t talk to me in this tone, I m not your employee, but 50 percent partner.

She taunts him about Ayaan. He says I trust him, if Ayaan breaks my trust, then my relation with him will break forever, I will give my business to Sid, you can give Tanisha’s hand to Sid if you want, most welcome. Everyone is shocked. Sid smiles happily. Ayaan asks Faltu to go and change, else Pappi and his goons will identify her easily. She goes. He thinks of Janardhan and says sorry dad, I had no other way, I couldn’t see someone burying dreams. Faltu changes and comes. She says I have trashed the bridal dress. They leave. Pappi argues with Inspector. Inspector says its not possible now. Charan scolds Pappi and asks him to leave. Pappi says no, I will take my bride and go, Faltu is just mine. He pushes Charan. His friend tells about the car speeding away. Pappi says so Ayaan did this. Ratan says Ayaan’s man had come before, maybe.. Pappi says its certain, I will tackle them, see what I do. He asks his man to find them. Ayaan and Faltu are at the airport. Pappi and his men look for Ayaan’s car. A man says that car went towards airport road.

Faltu says I will go by walk, I won’t fly. Ayaan says get habitual to fly. Pappi says I will cut Faltu’s wings, she wants to fly. Sid says mom, we should celebrate. Sumitra says it will be good when Ayaan doesn’t come on mahurat, then Tanisha, this house and property will come in your hands. Sid says Tanisha is my dream that will soon complete, pandit and guests will come in some time, Ayaan isn’t here. She blesses him.

Faltu gives her ID. The man asks what’s this name, Faltu Singh. Ayaan says what’s in the name, focus on your work. The man says sorry. Ayaan says two tickets to Mumbai. Pappi reaches the airport. Security personnel stops him. Ayaan and Faltu get their tickets. Pappi sees Faltu going. He says my would be bride is inside, I have to go and stop her, take this money. The guard asks him to get out. Pappi calls Ratan and says find out from Charan, where is Faltu going. Ratan asks Charan to tell him, where did Ayaan take Faltu. He beats his son. His wife stops him.

Angoori scolds the girls. Faltu’s mum says stop it, don’t touch my daughters. They argue. Ratan says I will not sit in peace until you tell me about her. They go. Charan says I will tell you when the right time comes, we have to keep patience. Ayaan and Faltu reach Mumbai. He says welcome to Mumbai, you don’t need to get scared of anyone, it’s the city of dreams, you have to show courage to win the dreams, I have to call family and inform them. He borrows someone’s phone. He recalls the number. He returns the phone. Faltu asks don’t you remember anyone’s number in the family. She says I remember my dad’s number. He asks why did you get sad, did you recall Pappi’s number. Faltu smiles and says I regret I couldn’t slap him. He says don’t know what are Tanisha and Kanika thinking, I didn’t reach for the engagement, its my engagement today, mahurat is of 9.30pm. She gets away. He asks why did you leave my hand.

Janardhan says Ayaan isn’t my blood, it will be proved if I get insulted today. Faltu gets attacked.

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