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The Episode starts with Faltu asking Ayaan to go home for the engagement. He says no, it’s a new city, how will you go home. She says I can go home alone, I run a guest house. He says I booked a cab, we will check in the hotel and then we will go. She says you think my training starts today, go home. The villagers come to oppose Charan. They scold Charan and ask him to come out. Pratap asks Charan not to go out. Charan says I accept the outcome for my daughter’s happiness. Ratan asks villagers to question Charan about Faltu. They all ask about Faltu. Ayaan asks Faltu to dial his number if she has any work. He says I will track your cab. Faltu says don’t teach me everything, don’t waste time, go for the engagement. He says cab has come, come now, call me after reaching the hotel, I will make arrangements for you tomorrow. Driver says don’t worry, she is like my daughter, I will make her reach there safety. Ayaan thanks him. The cab leaves. Ayaan thinks what’s happening to me, I left my house and engagement, why am I worried for Faltu.

Everyone welcomes the guests. The guest congratulates Janardhan and asks for Ayaan. Janardhan says mahurat starts in 2mins, if I get insulted in front of Kanika, then it will be proved that Ayaan isn’t my blood, he won’t be my heir. Faltu thinks of her mum. She calls Charan. She asks him not to worry, she reached Mumbai safely. Charan acts in front of Ratan. Faltu says Ayaan is taking good care of me. He asks for Ayaan. She says he went to get some food, don’t worry, the city works all night. Ratan takes the phone. Faltu disconnects. Charan says it was a call to make a booking. He asks the villagers not to interfere in his personal matter. He says I don’t know anything about Faltu. Villagers say you have to answer us. Faltu says sorry Bapusa. Driver asks from where are you. She says I m from Rajasthan, I came here with Ayaan. He asks for his address. She says drop me to the hotel where he made the booking, I don’t know his address. He calls someone to tell about her. He lies to her.

Tanisha calls Ayaan. Kanika stops her and says you won’t beg to Ayaan, you are my daughter. Tanisha says I m just worried, why did he do this. Kanika says nothing should be imp for him than you, else he isn’t right for you. Tanisha says still, its my right to know. Kanika says its okay if Ayaan comes on time, else I will get you engaged with Sid. Tanisha says I m not a doll to give to someone. Kanika says your relation is happening with this business’ heir, just be practical. Sid comes and says sorry, Ayaan didn’t value you, but I m with you. The driver fools Faltu. Pandit asks Janardhan to call the couple for the engagement. Janardhan thanks everyone for coming. He says there is a change in plan, Tanisha will become our bahu, Kanika is my business partner. Sumitra taunts her husband. Janardhan says Tanisha will get engaged to my business’ heir…. Sid goes ahead. Faltu is on the way. Driver says I called the client for delivery here, wait for some time, can I get your phone, my phone got off. She gives her phone. He switches off her phone. He says even your phone got off. She asks how, it was new. He says new phone doesn’t have charging, don’t worry, you are like my daughter, I will just come. He goes to the goons and says that girl came here to the city for the first time, she will have money in her bag. Goon says get her out of the car, I will steal the bag and run away. Faltu asks why do I find his intentions bad. Driver asks her to have tea if she wants. He says I will handle your bag. She says no. He says give it to me. She runs away. Goons follow her.

Faltu runs on the road. Goons catch her.

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