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The Episode starts with Charan saying we have got a donor for Faltu’s treatment. Jamuna gets glad. He asks her to go to temple and pray. She says I just wish she gets her eyesight back, come back to the village, we will find a nice guy and get her married, this cricket will ruin her life. He says its not our decision, but her decision, she will fulfil her dreams and I will assist her. He talks to Lajwanti. He asks Lajwanti to get Jamuna to the city, Faltu’s operation is on Monday. Tanisha says I want the money for Faltu’s operation. Kanika asks what, you want to get her treatment done, say the truth, did Ayaan ask you to arrange it, just focus on Ayaan. Tanisha cries and says I m trying to save my marriage. Kanika asks what. Tanisha says you want to see me happy, right, you want Ayaan to give me a wife’s status, then please give me money. Kanika says I have a right to know, why do you want to get her treated.

Lajwanti says we have to go to the city and assist dad, we will do some work till Faltu’s operation. Jamuna agrees. Angoori hears this and gets angry. Kanika asks what are you hiding from me, tell me. Tanisha hugs her and cries. Kanika asks what’s the matter, tell me. Tanisha says you wanted to know who is Faltu’s husband, its Ayaan. Kanika gets shocked and asks what. Tanisha says my Ayaan. Kanika asks how dare he, such a big cheat, I won’t leave him. Tanisha says no, he doesn’t remember anything, he fainted after applying the sindoor, but Faltu knows everything, so she was running away from Ayaan and us, its true, Ayaan has married Faltu before marrying me, if everyone knows this, then my marriage won’t have any value, I love Ayaan, why does this happen with me. Kanika consoles her.

Charan puts the eye drops in Faltu’s eyes and says don’t go out, stay at home and take rest. Faltu nods. He says you will get fine soon if you take rest, Jamuna and Lajwanti are coming. Faltu says it will be fun to have everyone together. Charan says yes, chawl people’s misunderstanding will get cleared. Pratap says everything will be fine. Ayaan says why isn’t Tanisha answering.

Savita says she should answer. Sumitra says Sid and Tanisha are friends, they might have gone to shopping or any restaurant, I think they went to office, Tanisha is also a business partner. Sid comes home. Ayaan and Savita ask about Tanisha. Sid says I have… Ayaan scolds him. Sumitra asks what’s this way to talk to Sid, is he a thief. Dadi asks her to stop it. Savita says she will come. Janardhan says Kanika called, and said Tanisha is at her house. Sid says I was saying the same, I have dropped Tanisha home, she was getting bored here, I took her to office to explain the basics. Janardhan says you did right, Ayaan is also right to worry for his wife. He asks for tea. Everyone goes. Sid sees Ayaan. Tanisha says Ayaan is just mine. Kanika says I m with you, you will get Ayaan, we will prove that Faltu or any girl doesn’t deserve Ayaan. Tanisha says I will make Ayaan and Faltu puppets and play a game with them, wait and watch.

The man asks Faltu to sign the documents before the surgery. Charan asks where to sign. The man says I need patient’s signatures. He asks Faltu to sign the papers. She signs. He thanks them and goes to call Sid. He says I took Faltu’s sign on a blank paper also. Sid asks him to send a pic. He says Tanisha, I got her signs on the blank paper, why do you want that. She says its about my marriage, I can’t say when I will need it, she is less educated, but not foolish. Ayaan asks whose sign did you take on a blank paper. They get shocked. Faltu does cricket practice. Pratap gets hurt. She says sorry. He says practice more and break everyone’s nose and head. She says sorry, tell me, do I have a chance in the team. He says I was checking there, you have a full chance, I will give your name there. Charan comes and says no need. She asks why, I have a good chance, please let me enrol. He says we will focus on your eye operation first. She asks him to allow her. Ayaan says you went with Sid, you came back and didn’t meet me, now you are saying about a sign on blank paper, what’s going on. Sid thinks their misunderstanding should increase. Tanisha says nothing. She lies to him. Sid says she is right, what’s your problem, let us work as we want, don’t you trust us. She says calm down guys, I m taking interest in work, I will handle it, I m Kanika’s daughter, business is in my blood. Sid asks her to handle Ayaan. He goes. Ayaan asks what’s going on. She says I had put the phone on silent today. He says I thought to take you on lunch, you might feel better. She thinks its good you don’t know the truth of Faltu’s sindoor, I will send her too far from you.

A courier comes for Ayaan. Sid smiles. He thinks it’s a storm. Ayaan checks the pendrive.

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