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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is worried. Mohit gets a call. He goes out. Mohit says hello.. Pakhi says what just happened? How did this happen? He says I don’t know. Agastya fainted. Pakhi says keep an eye on him. Samir says my daughter is with them. Please save my daughter. Agastya opens his eyes. Dadi says Naveli call the doctor. Agastya says I am fine. I feel better now. My BP was low. I need to do this press conference. Dadi says we still have time. Reporters are here. Naveli brings juice. Dadi makes Agastya drink it.

Prema calls Samir and says what’s going on? What was the press conference for? Why did Agastya faint? Samir says it must be related to his work. She says where is Pakhi? Samir says she’s here. I will make you talk to her. Samir says sorry I had to lie. Why is Ishaan punishing my Pakhi. He should punish Agastya. What should I do? Pakhi says something is wrong. Agastya can’t sit in peace. He would have confessed for now. He believes he can save me. Did he find out this place? We should go from here. Ishaan says he might to police to confess. Pakhi says he’s planning something. Mohit texts Pakhi don’t worry Agastya fainted, he will do press conference in 15 minutes. Ishaan says everything is according to the plan. Pakhi says no something is wrong. Singh says if you feel that way then we should start sneaking out here.

Scene 2
Mona says why does all the drama happen with Agastya only. Dadi says shut up. Why do you always speak against Agastya. Mona says we will know what crime is he going to confess for. Dadi sees a ring.. She gets scared. She comes there, no one is there. Dadi says why did I feel like she was here. Media asks Dadi and Mona questions about the press conference.

Pakhi calls Mohit. She says what’s going here? She says Agastya is resting. Pakhi says keep an eye on him. He says Agastya is in hsi room. Pakhi says go to his room. Mohit says how will I tell him what am I there for? Mohit goes to his room. Agastya isn’t on his bed. Mohit calls Pakhi and says Agastya isn’t here. Pakhi says oh God. She says I told you he’s very clever. He disappeared. He will find about our plan. Singh says we have to get out of here fast. Agastya stops his car outside. They look out. Agastya is there. Agastya knocks on the door and says game over Ishaan. You tried well but you messed with the wrong person and Singh you.. You think you’re too smart? You made one mistake. He recalls the video and it had azaan voice from 7 mosques. He realized what area that is and pretended to faint. Agastya looks in. They’re hiding. Pakhi says we have to hide from him. He can’t know about our plan. Agastya says I will torture you the same way you tortured Pakhi. Don’t hide like cowards. Come out, take your revenge. Pakhi are you here? They hide windows with boxes.

Singh says why are we scared? We are three, he’s one. We can kill him. Pakhi says we won’t do that. I will expose him to the world. If we kill him he’ll become a hero that he died trying to save his wife. And we can’t do this because we’re not criminals. Ishaan says he won’t confess. Singh says we can’t back out. We want our lives back. For that Agastya has to confess. I’ve a plan. Pakhi says what plan?

Scene 3
Mona says how could he leave if he couldn’t even walk? Dadi says I don’t know where did he go? Mohit calls Pakhi. Shanaya says why did he run? He was so scared. Do you have any idea? Did he tell anyone anything? What does Ishaan want him to confess? Samir says enough. Enough of it. He says to Dadi you know everything why are you pretending to not to know anything? We’re all worried for Pakhi and you’re silent to save your grandson? Where is Pakhi and where did Agastya go? I want to hear the truth only. I won’t stay silent only. My daughter’s life is in danger. I won’t sit silently. Everyone is shocked.

Pakhi says this plan is very dangerous. Singh says so should we go to Agastya and tell him we give up and he should forgive us? We don’t have time. How can you forget all that he’s done for you. You have to punish him. And now you’re scared? Agastya tries to break the door. He says I know you are inside Ishaan. Come out. Singh says we don’t have time. We know it wasn’t part of the plan but we have to do it. Pakhi says I can’t stoop so low. I know he’s done so wrong with me, Ishaan and my family but this is so wrong. Singh says please try to understand. Agastya says I am coming inside Ishaan.

Mona says why would mom know where is Pakhi? Samir says say something, why are you silent? I won’t forgive you if anything happens to Agastya. You know how dangerous Agastya is. Shanaya says papa why are you saying that? Agastya is dangerous? Dadi is so worried, how would she know? Samir says you all want to know the truth? Pakhi’s only danger is Agastya. He did all this.

Singh says I know I am asking you to take a big risk but you have to do this for all the people Agastya has harmed. Think about it.. Agastya tries to break the door. He says I will save Pakhi. Who will save you both from me? I am here Pakhi.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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