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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya tries to break the door. Ishaan comes and says Agastya.. Agastya says where is Pakhi? Ishaan says confess your crimes first. Agastya says how dare you touch Pakhi.. He hits Ishaan. Ishaan hits him back. Agastya hits his head and says you hit her head? Singh comes and shoves Agastya. Agastya takes out his gun.

Samir says the danger for Pakhi is Agastya. You knew everything. You could stop him. If you didn’t stop him, he won’t have gone this far. I will tell Media everything. Dadi says he’s immature. Please forgive him. He says could you forgive him? For all that he’s done. If anything happens to my daughter because of Agastya I will kill him. Mohit says I know where Pakhi is. Everyone is shocked. Agastya pulls a gun on Singh. He says got scared? Tell me where is Pakhi? I can kill both of you right now. Ishaan says shoot. our lives are ruined already. You won’t be able to find Pakhi at all. Shoot now. I know you won’t because if we die you won’t get Pakhi. Will you confess or not? Agastya says tell me where is Pakhi? He hears noise. Agastya looks inside Pakhi is there. Agastya says I am coming Pakhi. She’s tied and says please save me. Please they will kill me.

Singh lights a matchstick. Agastya recalls his incident. He throws the matchstick in. THe room is on fire. Agastya screams maa.. don’t do this. Maa there’s fire. Maa please save me. Pakhi recalls Singh said we will use his fear to make him confess. Pakhi screams and says Agastya save me please. I will die. Agastya says Ishaan please save her. I can’t go in. Please save her. Ishaan says why would I? You love her. Agastya says please. Ishaan says accept your crimes. Pakhi will die, Pakhi keeps screaming. Agastya says I confess all my crimes. I have loved Pakhi like crazy. I kept an eye on her. I had cameras all of her house. I controlled her friends and everyone. I was her Universe who always protected her. I made one mistake I couldn’t confess my love. The day I decided to tell her she told me she loves you. Pakhi cries inside. Agastya says I tried to kill you. I had to make her realize her mistake so I sent her to the jail and then I hired the best lawyer to get her out. She had to realize her love for you want the biggest mistake. No one can love her like me.

Agastya says Samir got to know my truth. He didn’t understand I did all that for my love. I know it’s wrong but everything is fair in love. And this Singh.. He tried manipulate Pakhi. I got him trapped in a wrong case. I love Pakhi a lot. It was my craze.. He says Pakhi.. Please save her now. Please, I confessed. Pakhi comes out and shouts Agastya.. He says thank God you are okay. I am so happy to see you. Agastya hugs Pakhi. Singh pulls a gun on him. Agastya takes the gun and puts it on his head. Agastya says you won’t make it out alive. He puts the gun on Ishaan. Pakhi throws the gun. Agastya says what are you doing. She says I got to know your reality. I made this entire plan with them to expose you. I hate you. Pakhi slaps him. He falls down. Pakhi says your deciet gave me a new strength. I will destroy you. Why.. Why did you fool me. I considered you my best frient. I thought you will always be with me. You were my enemy. What did you get by controlling my life? Is this love? You’ve decieted me. You played with my life and trust. You tried to be my God. You’ve done so wrong to so many people. Ishaan, my dad, Singh. How can you sleep peacefully? Agastya says I’ve always loved you Pakhi. Don’t get me wrong. At least you understand me. Pakhi saysgo away. THe word love doesn’t sound good from you. This is your craze. I was your demad. He says I have done everything to make you happy. I have only loved you in this life. I have no reason to live without you. I did all this for you.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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