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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mira says sorry Yug I had to do this to save you. You have tell police you tried to save Pakhi he’s become a demon. Samir says where is Pakhi? Yug says Agastya shot Pakhi and shoved her from the hill. Samir screamms. Ishaan looks down too. Samir says that’s his saree. Karanjit says you killed Pakhi.. Agastya says she’s my Pakhi. She is not dead. SHe’s here. Ishaan hits him and says you killed her I will kill you. Karan says calm down. He says we have to look for her dead body. They arrest Agastya. Yug smiles.

Prema asks where is my Pakhi? She cries and says where is Pakhi? Shanaya cries. Ishaan hugs her. Prema faints. Samir says to call a doctor. Agastya is in the jail. The song hamari adhoori kahani plays. He hears Pakhi saying I can never leave you. Agastya says I know you’re here. They’re saying you’re gone. I am telling them my Pakhi can never leave me. Stay here. dadi comes to jail. She says Agastya how did this happen? I know you’re innocent. You can never harm Pakhi. I told the lawyer everything. Agastya keeps drawing. Karan says I am shocked. He killed his wife and you’re saying all this. The lawyer says we don’t have a chance. Karan says he will be taken to the court. Agastya draws Pakhi’s sketch on the wall. Yug tells Karan I told you I was trying to save Agastya. He wanted to put blame on me for all his crimes. Karan says if you tell in court against Agastya you can be released. Yug says I have a condition.

Scene 2
Dadi comes to Samir’s house. Samir says you have taken everything from us. Dadi says I am not here to give clarification for Agastya but he can never harm Pakhi. Prema says he lied to her all her life. He ruined our lives, he killed our Pakhi what else is left? Samir says stop your drama. If you stopped your criminal son this won’t have happened. I will get him punished.

Pakhi comes to the jail. Agastya is shocked to see her. She comes in the cell. Agastya says I knew you would come. They said you’re gone. He hugs her and says I knew you would come. Pakhi says how can I leave my dodo alone? What’s all this? You don’t eat. He says I was so alone. Thank God you came. Pakhi says I will never leave you. Come let’s eat. She makes him eat. He sleeps in her lap. Constable says he’s gone crazy. He says how can he kill her then? Karan says he’s doing drama.

Scene 3
Yug gives a statement in the court and says I did a lot of crimes for Agasstya but I couldn’t see him killing Pakhi. He shot me when I tried to save her. Agastya’s lawyer says we’ve known your criminal history. Suddenly you’re a good man? Yug says no. Agastya is powerful. I used to do everything on his orders because he kept my mom detained. Dadi says he’s lying. We don’t know his mom. Samir says he’s a criminal like that. Everyone knows what this Agastya can do. The lawyer asks where is your mom? Karan says here? Mira comes in with Karan. Everyone is shocked. Agastya recalls Pakhi’s death. Dadi says Mira.. Yug’s mother is Mira? Agastya throttles Mira and says I will kill you. You killed my Pakhi. You ruined my life. You took everything from me. Police stop Agastya. Agastya says she killed my PAkhi. Judge says Agastya your hearing would be suspended.

Mira comes to the witness box. She says my name is Mira, I am Yug’s mom and Agastya is my stepson. God knows they were always equal to me. He has hated me since childhood. They never got him treated. You saw how he attacked his own mom in front of you. She says Agaastya attacked me when he was a child. He tried to burn me alive. Agastya says don’t lie. You did that to me. Agastya she burned me. Miira says I was pregnant and Agastya was insecure. He burned the room. I ran from there. I told them to get him treated. THey did a case on me instead. I had to fight that case. mira says she’s lying. How can a child do that? She tried to burn Agastya. Mira says when I got to know about Pakhi I knew he would be crazy. I tried to warn her. When he found out he kidnapped me.

Episode ends

Precap-Dadi says to Mira you did this right?? You killed Pakhi right? She says yes and now see how I give Agastya pain every day. She gives Agastya electric shock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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