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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mira says Yug was doing everything for Agastya to save me But when he saw Agastya was killing Pakhi he couldn’t control. He tried to stop Agastya but Agastya shot him too. Police is released me. Inspector says yes we found her in Agastya’s shed. Agastya says that’s a lie. She killed my Pakhi. She shot her. Mira says why do you hate me so much. He tried to kill me but I still love him as a mother. He’s crazy, he’s not well mentally. He needs treatment. He spied on Pakhi all his life. Please keep him in a mental assylum. Where he can get treated. He needs treatment, he’s not a criminal. He’s not mentally well. Please help him. Samir says no, he’s criminal. He killed my daughter. He should be behind the bars. He killed my daughter. this woman is doing drama to save him. Punish him. Judge says police filed this case so they can object. Their lawyer says we have no objection. The judge says Agastya needs medical help. Until the decision he will be treated in a good mental hospital. Agastya says she’s lying. She killed my Pakhi. The court is adjourned. Dadi cries for Agastya.

Mira says to the police lawyer well done. I should get Agastya’s custody now. He says yes we will post it that way, you will get his custody as a mentally ill patient. His dadi is old, so you’re the only one. Agastya is brought to mental assylum. Dadi says to Mira you did all this right? You killed Pakhi right? She hugs Dadi and says you’re right but what will you do? She says you hate me only. I love Agastya, he’s my son. Dadi says what do you want? Money. Take it go away from our lives. Mira says I want revenge. This is just the beginning. See how I ruin his life. If he died that day it would be a one time pain. Now he will suffer all his life. She leaves.

Scene 2
Samir says he should be in jail. Ishaan says I know it’s a difficult time. I wish I could stay here to support you, papa wants to go away from here. I got an offer from a London hospital. Papa wants me to accept it. We are shifting there. Samir says no you’ve done a lot for us. You deserve a new life. Go away from this animal. He’s ruined your life too. Stay happy. Ishaan meets Prema and Shanaya. He says take care of uncle aunty. Ishaan leaves.

Scene 3
Agastya is tied at the mental assylum. Mira comes there. She’s paid the doctor. Agastya says she killed my Pakhi leave me. Doctor says I will give him an injection that will make him mentally stable. Mira gives him a shock. She laughs. Mira says he’s my toy now. I will come back to hear his screams. Agastya thinks about Pakhi.

Naveli says how can she do that? Mona says I knew she’d come back. She’s so dangerous and now her son too. Mira comes in the house with all the band baja sitting on a throne. Dadi is scared. She says security.. who let her in. Get out. Mira slaps Dadi. Mona shouts. Mira says this is my house, how can my own employees ask me to leave? This property is mine now. Agastya’s custody is given to me. The lawyer tells dadi court has given agastya’s custody to her. They think you’re part of his crimes. Naveli takes dadi to her room. Mira says what room? She fires the servants. Dadi panics. Mira says did the slap hurt? I could kick you three out too but I am your DIL. I care for you. You three can stay here as the servants. You will be the head servant. Mona put my stuff in her room and you three will stay in servant quarter. Yug comes in too. Mira says welcome home Yug. Let me show you your room. Dadi cries. She says Agastya where are you. Mira says missing your son? Think about yourself. He’s happy in mental assylum.

Yug says Agastya has named everything in Pakhi’s name. If we don’t find her body we can’t claim anything. And if her family finds out, they can claim everything. What will we do? Mira says we can handle them too. They won’t be able to say a word. Yug says how?

Scene 4
Police comes to arrest Samir. He says why? Inspector says you have used black money in your company. Samir says I’ve done no corruption. Yug comes in and says you did. Mira says on call scared? Life comes with problems.
Agastya screams Pakhi’s name. He thinks about her. They lock him up in a room.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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