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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya opens the room. Ishaan is there. Pakhi is hidden. She was in the room when Agastya knocked. Ishaan asked her to hide behind the curtain. Agastya looks at Ishaan. Subham says did you come to see him? Pakhi is hiding behind the curtain. Agastya comes near the curtain. Shubham stops Agastya and says you didn’t tell what you came for? He picks the shoes and how do they have dirt? Shubham says they’re mine. I just went out. Do you need anything? Or something important? Agastya says nothing. He looks at Ishaan and recalls the guy. Agastya says I am sure it was Ishaan then how is he here? He drinks water adn breaks a glass. Agastya picks the glass piece and stabs it in Ishaan’s leg. Pakhi gets in tears. Shubham says what did you do? Are you crazy? I will call the police. Agastya’s own hand is bleeding. He leaves. Pakhi says Ishaan.. Are you okay? He is an animal. I am so sorry. She says bring first aid Shubham please. They take out the glass adn dress his wound.

Mona says what has this Agastya done? There’s something wrong for sure. Dadi says I thought someone is seeing from there. Mona says I don’t wanna die. Let’s go. Dadi feels like someone is there. They leave. It’s a woman with a horse ring. Pakhi says are you okay Ishaan? You will stay home. Shubham says told you both he’s crazy. You are risking Ishaan’s life. Agastya would have killed Ishaan. Ishaan says I wanna take revenge. It’s not Pakhi’s mistake. Shubham says Singh couldn’t do anything what would you both? You live with him Pakhi. You know dangerous is he. Ishaan says we can’t forgive him. He says sorry Pakhi. Pakhi says he’s right. I’ve to go to the temple. She leaves.

Scene 2
Agastya says to Yug I felt like it was Ishaan. But he was home and if he wasn’t in coma he wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain. Keep an eye on his house. Yug says who else could? Someone close to you? Agastay says he’s very dangerous. I have to take care of Pakhi too.

Pakhi comes to temple. She takes the ring from Mohit. He says you go so late. Pakhi says sneak out before the guards see you. Pakhi comes to the temple and says I will get Agastya punished for his sins. He’s an animal. I hope I don’t get anyone harmed in this fight. I want to keep Ishaan, papa, mama and Shanya safe. I don’t want to do wrong to anyone. I can’t tolerate all this. Please helpe me. Prema comes there. She sees Pakhi. Prema says Pakhi you’ve started coming to the temple? Pakhi says yes. I came to thank God. Prema says you did right. What happened? You look worried. Pakhi says everything is fine. There’s a small problem. Pakhi says there’s a big client who’s messing with money and only I know that. What should I do? If I say it, he will trouble people in the office. If I don’t say the truth he will keep doing corruption. Prema says you have to face some trouble to stand against the wrong. If someone is wrong stand with the truth. Fight it. Pakhi says what if in the fight other people get harmed? Prema says that wasn’t your intention. If you’re doing the right thing, you shouldn’t be scared. Pakhi says how do I know if it’s right or not? Prema says listen to your heart. God will guide you thorugh your heart. Pakhi prays. A flower falls on her. Pakhi picks it. Pakhi says I will expose Agastya.

Scene 3
Agastya asks Mona where were you? Mona says to Agastya who are you ask me where I was? Dadi says she was with me. Why are you questioning her? Pakhi comes in. Agastya says Pakhi you? Why did you go to the temple knowing all the fear. Dadi says I gave her permission. Agastya says it’s dangerous. I don’t want to control your lives I just want to keep you all safe until that person is found. Dadi says don’t mind Pakhi. He cares for your safety.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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