Fatehpur mass conversion case: bank transaction details sought from church committee and hospital

Fatehppur Religious Conversion Case: In Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehppur district, a notice has been sent to the Mission Hospital and the Church Committee for religious conversion, seeking answers in five points including the transaction history of their bank accounts. Critic Kotwal Amit Mishra has sought information related to the church committee and the hospital through a notice. It was also said that a case can be filed against him for not helping in the investigation. 

Let us tell you that Sadar Kotwali police has so far arrested 39 people in the case of conversion in Fatehpur district. Eight cases of conversion were registered. At the same time, in the case of mass conversion in the church, so far 15 people including the pastor have been arrested. A case has been registered against 35 named and 20 unknown in this case.

ATS probing the network of funding

Now regarding the Hariharganj case of Sadar Kotwali, the investigator Kotwal Amit Mishra has asked for this information regarding the investigation of bank account transactions of 15 people caught in the charge of mass conversion case. Along with this, the arrested people have also been instructed that if they hesitate to help in the investigation, a case will be filed against them. The UP ATS is also probing the case of mass conversion in a church seven months ago in Fatehpur district of UP. The ATS team is probing the funding network in the conversion case. 

The matter of mass conversion in the Evangelical Church of India located in Hariharganj, Kotwali area of ​​Fatehpur district of UP came to the fore on 15th April. After uproar by Hindu organizations VHP and Bajrang Dal, the then CO City DC Mishra himself raided the church with a police team in the presence of the magistrate. In the raid, hundreds of people were found along with a huge amount from the church. It is alleged that the poor have been forcibly converted by luring money. 

15 people, including a priest, were sent to jail

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