Father did his son’s haircut with a spoon, cut such beautiful hair, people said – he is a magician

In America, the video of a man cutting his son’s hair with just a kitchen spoon has gone viral on social media. User ari_rover shared the video on Instagram, in which he is seen trimming his child’s hair in a very unique way. The father wrote in the caption of his post, “I cut my boy’s hair with a spoon. Since now we are all doing magic on haircuts.”

The video begins to show the little boy sitting in front of the camera. Seconds later, the father is seen chopping off his son’s locks with the edge of a kitchen spoon. Even though it seemed unreal, the man captured the entire process in a time-lapse video. The father even slowed down parts of the process and showed the end result.

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The Instagram user shared the video a few days ago and since then his post has collected lakhs of views and likes. While many users in the comments section praised the father for his amazing skills, others wondered if the spoon was sharp or if there was another trick to it that they just couldn’t figure out.

“This is genius,” wrote one user, while another said, “I don’t know how you did it, but it’s magical! Nice cut.”

Meanwhile, earlier, another resourceful father went viral online for turning the lettering on his daughter’s wall into a Mickey Mouse painting. Feigen has shared this video on Twitter. The father used spray paint and a stencil to turn his daughter’s wall art into a finished masterpiece.

The video has been viewed over 6 million times and garnered nearly 90,000 likes. Internet users praised the amazing talent of the father.

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