Fenugreek leaves can be kept safe this way for a long time

Drying-Fenugreek leaves can also be dried and stored for long time. But after storing fenugreek leaves, their taste changes to some extent, but it does not spoil. To dry the fenugreek leaves, first wash them with water 3-4 times and clean all the soil stuck in the leaves. After this dry the leaves, for this you can cover the leaves with a cotton cloth and keep it in the sun. These leaves will dry up in just 2 days and then you can keep the dried leaves in an air tight container and keep it at bay. You can use these leaves in any sab‍ji or paratha  Can do.

in the freezer-To store fenugreek leaves for a long time, you must first wash them 3-4 times with clean water. This will remove the dust and soil stuck in the leaves of fenugreek, now let the water dry well from these leaves. After this, chop these finely. Keep in mind that if you are going to store fenugreek leaves for a year, then remove its stem. After this, place the finely chopped leaves in a ziplock plastic bag and close the bag and keep it in the freezer. Take out the frozen fenugreek leaves in this way from the freezer only when you have to use them.

in paper towel-If you want to store fenugreek leaves for 15 days, then you should wrap them in paper towel. For this, you have to first break the fenugreek leaves along with the stem and keep them aside. D‍Keep in mind that you do not have to wash these leaves with water. You should wash them only when you are going to use them. After this, pack the fenugreek leaves well in a paper towel. Then place the paper towel in a plastic bag and take out the air completely from the bag. Then lock this bag and keep it inside an air tight compartment. Now you can keep this box‍bay inside the fridge, it will keep it fresh for few days.

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