Fifa World Cup 2022: Zakir Naik reaches Gulf country on Qatar’s invitation, will promote Islam

FIFA WC 2022: The biggest football tournament FIFA World Cup 2022 is being organized in Qatar this time. For the first time a Muslim country has got the responsibility of organizing the FIFA World Cup. The colorful start of the tournament has started on Sunday. However, the process of controversies regarding the hosting of Qatar is still going on. Earlier, there was a ruckus in the stadium regarding the ban on drinking alcohol and the entry of homosexuals, now there is a controversy over promoting Islam during the match. 

Qatar also wants to use such a big event for the promotion and spread of Muslim religion. Qatar has chosen radical Muslim cleric Zakir Naik for this work. Zakir Naik has also reached the Gulf country on the invitation of Qatar. Please tell that Zakir Naik is the same person whom India has declared a fugitive. 
Zakir Naik has reached Qatar

The journalist of Qatar’s official sports channel has confirmed Zakir Naik’s arrival in Qatar. He informed about Zakir Naik’s arrival by tweeting. According to him, Zakir Naik will give sermons related to Islam to the football fans. There has been a ruckus on social media for inviting Zakir Naik. People have accused Qatar of misusing the FIFA World Cup.

Allegations of increasing fundamentalism in India

Tell that Zakir Naik is accused of spreading bigotry in India. He is accused of turning the young Muslims of India towards terrorism with the help of foreign funding. His TV channel has also been banned for promoting religious conversion. Fearing arrest in India, he fled to Malaysia. The government banned Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation in 2020.

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