Find out from these symptoms, is your heart weak?

Weak Heart Symptoms: Nowadays people are getting more problems related to heart. At a very young age, people are at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. At the same time, this problem has increased after Corona. Actually, weakness in the heart of people has been seen in post covid symptoms. After recovering from corona, people are feeling tired and weak for a long time. Apart from this, if the heartbeat of some people increases, there is more fatigue, weakness, chest pain and difficulty in breathing, then do not ignore these problems. These can be signs of your heart being weak. Let us know what are the symptoms of weak heart?  

Symptoms of a Weak Heart

1- Rapid heartbeat- In normal life we ​​do not feel the heartbeat, but if your heartbeat suddenly becomes very fast and you are able to feel the beats easily. So don’t ignore it. This could be a sign of your heart being weak. For this, keep checking your heartbeat with an oximeter. Usually the pulse should be between 60-100, but if it is getting more or less then you should consult a doctor. 

2- Fatigue and Weakness- If you are feeling very weak and tired then your heart may be weak. Actually our heart carries blood throughout the body. But when it becomes weak then it takes more time for the blood flow to run. Because of this you feel more tired. In such a situation, definitely consult a doctor. 

3- Chest pain- If you have any kind of chest pain then it should be taken seriously. Chest pain can also be caused by weakness of the heart. The corona virus is affecting our lungs and other parts of the body, due to which there can also be a problem of chest pain. Many times symptoms appear even after recovering from corona. If there is chest pain, the risk of heart attack increases significantly.  

4- Difficulty in breathing- Even after recovering from corona, you keep checking your oxygen level for a few days. Many times even later, the effect of corona virus can be on our heart, which can cause difficulty in breathing. Therefore, even after recovering from corona, keep checking your oxygen level again and again. Consult a doctor if you have any difficulty in breathing.

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